Weight Loss & Body Image:
A SoulCollage® Reading

by Karen Mann, SoulCollage® Facilitator

Like many women around the world, I have struggled for a number of years with being overweight and I have watched my weight fluctuate up and down through a mix of emotional eating, fad dieting and occasional exercise. One very powerful SoulCollage® reading I did addressed the question “Which Neters will support me to lose weight and keep it off?”

This reading provided one of those great “aha” moments… clarifying that my focus should not be on my “weight problem.” Instead my attention should be directed towards becoming healthy as well as embracing, loving and caring for my body.

Here are the 3 cards that I drew in this reading:

Feminine Confidence/Power

I am the one who exudes confidence. I am so comfortable with my body that I have no inhibitions. I am powerful and free. I am woman…hear me roar. I express my sensuality and revel in the wonders of being me. I am a confident, gorgeous woman who has no faults. I have nothing to hide… all of me is wonderful!

What I tell you about this issue is this: Just be yourself. Be proud. Embrace your curves! If you are confident, no-one will judge you OR if they do, you won’t care! Wear clothes that help you feel confident and gorgeous. Don’t dress to “hide” things, dress to feel good! When you feel good you will smile… and a gorgeous woman with a glowing smile is all people will see!

Power to Heal Your Own Body

I am the one who can heal my own body. I already know intuitively what I should be doing. I don’t need to follow anyone else’s rules. I am the one who will follow my own intuition and listen to my own body…

What I can tell you about this issue is this: Listen to your body! Heal yourself! Love yourself! The power is within you… Believe in yourself! Live, laugh, embrace the learning …but remember to have fun at the same time! Learning and transformation doesn’t have to be filled with pain!

Go With the Flow

I am the one who goes with the flow and listens to my body and my intuition. I am the one who knows the ebbs and flows of my eating will naturally finds its own balance if I allow it. I trust my own instincts and know that keeping it simple will work best for me.

What I can tell you about this issue is this: Get rid of the rules. Listen to your body and your heart. Only eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat. Let go of fighting with your body and your mind. Your body is not a battle ground. Honour your body- it is wise and will treat you well when you treat it well! Walk when you feel like it. Rest when you need to. Eat what you want, when you want (as long as you’ve listened and know that want is coming from an authentic place!) Don’t eat to make yourself feel good, but eat things that you enjoy! Let your eating patterns establish their own ebb and flow. Let your eating be! Let your body be! No more punishment and dieting. Much more celebration and joy! Enjoy life! Enjoy eating! Enjoy dressing! Enjoy exercise! Have fun! Laugh! Learn! Live!

This was one of my earliest SoulCollage® readings and I was moved by how perfect the cards I drew were and how profound the message was. This reading helped me to begin shifting my attitude towards my body and food.

While this is a journey I’m continuing to travel (and I do not claim that this reading made everything better), it certainly assisted in helping me to shift my focus from a “problem” that needs to be fixed to a positive approach striving for health, wholeness and happiness.

Karen Mann is an artist, art teacher, Lifestyle Coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and SoulCollage® facilitator. Karen has been working with SoulCollage® cards for more than three years and facilitates a variety of SoulCollage® Groups. She also is a creativity coach and works one-on-one with people using SoulCollage® and a variety of other tools to encourage personal growth and creativity. Karen is based in Melbourne, Australia.


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