SoulCollageĀ® Committee Suit

Inner Cast of Characters:
Exploring the SoulCollageĀ® Committee Suit

Creative Child, card by Anne Marie Bennett


Would you like some creative, fun ideas for working with your own inner voices (aka committee members or personality parts)?

Do you ever feel like your inner voices are out of control?

Would you like a way to harmonize this inner cast of committee parts?

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between a Committee card and a Council card?

Is it time to add some psychological depth and meaning to your SoulCollageĀ® Deck while having fun at the same time?

Then it’s time for you to meet and work with your own Inner Cast of Characters!


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In thisĀ  SoulCollageĀ® Self-Study course, you will:

  • I am the one who is curious and wants to learn more!
    I am the one who is curious and wants to learn more!

    dive right into the experience of naming and dialoguing with some of your own inner voices

  • add several SoulCollageĀ® cards to the Committee Suit of your deck
  • look at your Committee Suit with the view of the model of the “Inner Theatre” as taught by Vivian KingĀ  (NOTE: You do not need to read this book in order to take this class).
  • meet a few of your own inner voices in a couple of different kinds of guided meditations
  • learn how we can intentionally work with our inner voices (instead of against them) in order to find balance, harmony and increased authenticity in our daily lives


When you find a powerful image and create a card you are doing healing therapeutic work. Often your troublesome part quiets down and takes a more appropriate place on your Committee. Making SoulCollageĀ® cards for the neutral, everyday parts of the personality is healing as well. When you call forth and name these overlooked workers of the self, you appreciate how complex and marvelous your personality really is.
~ Seena Frost


If this sounds like YOU, then this self-paced, self-study course
will serve you well!

It might be just what you need to take your SoulCollageĀ® work
to beautiful new depths and heights

What You’ll Receive

Inner Homebody
  • Three 90-minute audio recordings with Anne Marie Bennett, SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator, Trainer, and creator of, who has been exploring her ownĀ  archetypes and Committee Neters with the help of SoulCollageĀ® since 2005.
  • The recordings will be available to listen online and/or to keep as MP3 downloads for a valuable resource for years to come
  • During each recording Anne Marie introduces various ways of discovering and working with your own inner committee, and guides you through each process. She also shares many examples of her own work/play with the Committee voices that have been active in her own life over the years.
  • As you listen to the recordings, you’ll spend a lot of your time actually DOING INNER WORK WITH YOUR OWN INNER COMMITTEE PARTS.Ā  That’s right, you’re not just going to listen to Anne Marie TALK about the inner voices, you’re going to actually EXPERIENCE them! So be sure to bring a well-loved journal and comfortable pen with you, along with your open heartĀ  and intuitive mind.
  • Ā Guided imagery, journaling, discussion, and the SoulCollageĀ® process will form the basis of all of our inner explorations in these recordings (not necessarily in that order).
  • Handouts and resources for each of the class recordings will also be provided.
  • A private place online to post your cards and/or inner discoveries about your own inner committee.
  • Generous email support from Anne Marie Bennett who will respond to questions and inquiries within 48 hours (and usually MUCH sooner than that!)

Here’s What People Are Saying
About Anne Marie’s Classes

I am the one who knows how to mother myself.

I just wanted to say thank you for these classes. I led a workshop on Saturday, and used some of your ideas with the participants, with good feedback. It has helped me also! I have been especially touched by the dialogues that are happening between some of my cards…very helpful and very deep…Ā  ~Ā  Barbara, Connecticut

The last meditation was VERY powerful for me in ways I feel will probably take years to unravel and I cannot wait to find the images to match or symbolize what I experienced. I find you to be a very inviting soul with a luminescence about you that helps draw people into the experience if one is open to Spirit.Ā  ~Ā  Stacie, Colorado


Anne Marie is a gifted facilitator and is able to create both a sacred and safe space, and to both nurture/affirm and stretch others to explore more and go deeper.
~ Lis, Massachusetts


I very much enjoyed the 3 classes.Ā  I love your clarity and gentle authority ā€“ as someone whoā€™s done quite a bit of teaching myself, it is a luxury and a pleasure to be so well guided and nurtured.
~ Linda, U.K.


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Self-Study Course: Inner Committee
Self-Study Course: Inner Committee
INNER CAST OF CHARACTERS: Work at your own pace! Includes: 3 (90-minute) audio recordings, supportive online community, handouts, guided meditations, email support from Anne Marie, plus lots and lots of hands-on inner adventures!
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