Open Call 2016- SoulCollageĀ® Cards

Committee suit
Artist: Carol
Location: Oregon

I am one who is sad and withdrawn. I see the shining opportunities and all the busy, detailed fun, but I feel isolated, sidelined, and not able to be a part of it. I am one who is drawn to the possibilities but finds they are stoppered up, contained and constrained when they should be moving out, lively and alive, growing and spreading.
My gift to you is opportunity and motivation, the chance to step from the sidelines and enter into what you are drawn toward. What I’d like from you is the ability and will to grasp the stopper and release what is inside, to focus on the busy beauty at hand.

open call denise

Committee/Council Suits
Artist: Denise
Location: California

I am the one who is grateful for all I have. For the presents that the Universe bestows on me; for the ability to be outrageous when I want to be. I am Gratitude personified. I am here to tell you, to show you, how to be grateful for all that you have and all that you receive. Ā Be of the world no in the world and be yourself always in gratitude.



open call michele

The Stretch
Committee Suit
Artist: Michele
Location: Arizona

I am the one who will stick my neck out for those in need, with my time, money, and relentless advocacy. Sometimes danger lurks where I tread. No worries, I can pause in retreat (or bite!).



open call LAURA

Love of Literacy
Committee Suit
Artist: Laura
Location: California

I am one who believes in the power of reading. I am one who values the inter-generational experience of reading, of passing the love of story and the love of reading down as a highly valued heirloom.Ā 

I am one who considers the characters as my friends. They keep me company when I am lonely. Ā I see the storybook characters cavort among the books. I can catch a glimpse of them playing hide and seek among the volumes. We are the characters from the stories who are grateful to be out, able toĀ stretch and breathe fresh air.

I am one who values ancient literature, traditional tales as well as the newly minted ones. I am equally at home with Alice and the Cat in the Hat.Ā 

My gift to you is a reminder of the role of literacy in your life – that you received the love of literacy and language from two older generations and have passed it along two generations down. I am here to celebrate how your love of literacy has called you to work with struggling readers and to teach others how to reach those that struggle. I am here to honor your commitment to communication through all forms of language including the written word. I am here to remind you of all the lives you have changed and the doors you have opened.Ā 

Your gift to me is the central role you have given my values in your life and that you have shared those with many, who have in turn shared it with more.Ā