Write Now!
Journaling with Our SoulCollage® Cards

3 Week Online Workshop
with Anne Marie Bennett
July 10 – August 7, 2022

sccassandraHave you made some (or lots!) of SoulCollage® cards but haven’t had time to DO anything with them?

Are you longing to go deeper into relationship with some of your cards but don’t know where to begin?

Are you getting tired of the I Am The One Who… exercise?

Do you believe there’s something more to SoulCollage® besides making the cards but aren’t sure what to do next?

Would you like to set aside some time dedicated to writing with your cards so you can get to know them (and yourself) better?

Do you like to journal?

Or are you afraid of writing?

No matter what you answered,
this online class is  just what you need
to take your SoulCollage
® work
to beautiful new depths.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Participation in (three) 2-hour Zoom workshops with Anne Marie Bennett, SoulCollage® Facilitator, retired Trainer, and creator of KaleidoSoul.com, who has been journaling with her cards since 2005.
  • Access to the video recordings of all 3 workshops in case you can’t join us in person.
  • All of the classes are also yours to keep as downloads for a valuable resource for years to come
  • Permission to participate or NOT participate in the live Zooms. You will have the opportunity to share with others in small breakout groups, but this is totally optional.  You can also choose to watch/experience the recordings later, on your own.
  • During each Zoom, Anne Marie will introduce several ways of journaling with and going deeper into relationship with your cards. She will also share many examples of her own writing with her own cards over the years.
  • I am the one who finds myself in solitude and writing.
  • During our workshops, we’ll spend a lot of our time actually WRITING. That’s right,we’re not going to just TALK about writing, we’re  going to actually DO it!  So be sure to bring a well-loved journal and comfortable pen with you.  Note that any sharing of your writing is always OPTIONAL and a matter of choice. It is perfectly okay to Zoom in to these workshops, do the writing exercises on your own, and never speak a word!
  • Handouts for all of the workshops
  • A private place online to post any cards and/or writings that you do about your cards in between classes- OPTIONAL participation
  • Generous email support from Anne Marie Bennett who will be available during the time in between tele-classes to answer questions and provide assistance as necessary

Special Bonus Offer

Be one of the first TEN to register, rumi journal final
and you’ll receive this beautiful new
spiral bound journal.
80 pages. 6.5″ x 8.75″
Use it for your SoulCollage
card journaling or dreams
or goals or shopping lists!
We’ll ship it to you absolutely free also (even if you live in Australia!)

Take This Course As A Refresher

If you took this course (last offered 2016)
and want to take it again as a refresher,
you can do so for only $25.
Please email me for the special coupon code
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Here’s What People Are Saying
About This Course

This class changed the way I interact with my cards in a way that has brought new levels of depth and meaning.  I use what I learned every day in my personal explorations, and it has brought new dimensions to my facilitation that have enriched the experiences of the attendees.  I want to again thank Anne Marie for the excellent experience.
— Jann Howell, Iowa


I have been experimenting with ALL of the journaling forms.  Fun & often truly surprising & mind-blowing. These techniques have expanded and deepened my experience of & insights from SoulCollage beyond my wildest imagination. My practice will never ever be the same.  — Joan Drazen, Connecticut


Doing this class enabled me to really connect with the power of SoulCollage – I knew it was powerful – but really, this class was amazing. Journaling is one of my favorite things to do and I never really did much with SoulCollage before – so thank you for that – you’ve opened up my world.  I still use the tools you gave us. 
— Vicky White, Vancouver BC


I enjoyed playing with the cards and writing in my journal. The process gave me many new insights.       — Dawn, NY  


close up young african american woman with glasses writing in book

LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the classes!!
I feel as though I am making progress in every way…
You are SUCH a patient, compassionate and inspiring teacher.  Blessings on all that you’re doing to bring out the deep knowing in us.
— Dani Hart, Washington


Anne Marie gave us some wonderful new ideas for ways to look at our cards, especially the ones that can leave us baffled. She really opened my eyes and showed me that there’s a big world beyond “I Am the One Who!”
— Nancy Norbeck, Facilitator, New Jersey


The daily readings have become a continual grounding experience for me. I also loved when we did the detailed description, the free association,the free writing and the poem. I never really enjoyed writing but through SoulCollage I have a new appreciation for journaling with my cards. Thank you for that.
— Linda Page, Massachusetts


Anne Marie’s journaling class was an enrichment of not only my personal work with SoulCollage®, but gave me excellent ideas about working with others in my own workshops as a facilitator. Journaling, as opposed to a verbal reading is available to read again later, and, especially in working with others, writing is an excellent tool for those who are shy about speaking intimately from their soul out loud or in a group. I highly recommend any Journaling class that Anne Marie gives!
— Sylvia Eichmann, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Switzerland


I loved everything about the course.  Your suggestions have REALLY opened up my cards for me.  I will definitely use all of these ideas.  I was grateful to be reminded to maintain regular contact with my deck through daily/every-other-daily readings and to know that 3 or 4 minutes can be enough. I had forgotten how good it feels to do that.
— Jaqi, Maryland


What a great class! My mystery card is now a very potent messenger.  I so appreciate all the years of detailed study and work you must have put into this.  Out of five SoulCollage groups I’ve participated in in my area, I have not experienced this depth. Thank you!             — Mary Agnes, Maryland


older woman sitting on bed writing in diary

I just wanted to say thank you for the classes.  I led a workshop on Saturday, and used some of the writing techniques with the participants, with good feedback.  It has helped me also!  I have been especially touched by the dialogues that are happening between some of my cards…very helpful and very deep…
— Barbara Marston, Connecticut

I very much enjoyed the 3 classes even though I didn’t get to be on any of them “live”. I love your clarity and gentle authority – as someone who’s done quite a bit of teaching myself, it is a luxury and a pleasure to be so well guided and nurtured.
— Linda Woolfson, U.K. / Portugal
I have been meaning to email you for such a long time to tell you how much I enjoyed the Journaling with SoulCollage classes.  I especially loved the exercises where we dialogued between cards.  I have definitely been able to delve deeper since taking this course with you.
— Linda Mahoney, British Columbia, Canada


This workshop has helped me a great deal and opened up new insights in how I read my cards. I discovered new things I never saw before and with some of the cards I had those ‘aha!’ moments.
— Monica Buys, South Africa


Dates and Times

scwritingsoulEach class is approximately 2 hours

Sunday July 10, 2022

Sunday July 24, 2022

Sunday August 7, 2022

* 4 pm Eastern *
* 3 pm Central *
* 2 pm Mountain *
* 1 pm Pacific *
* 10 a.m. Hawaiian*
* 9 pm  London *
* 10 pm Rome*
* Monday 6 a.m. Melbourne, Australia *
* Monday 8 a.m.  New Zealand *

For other time zones, please visit
the World Clock Meeting Planner.


If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to the recordings the very next day.



gifts2In gratitude for how much SoulCollage® has meant in my own life, I am pleased to offer 3 full-tuition scholarships to this course, for those who cannot afford the tuition. Please send me a brief email explaining why you would like to be in our Write Now! Journaling with Your Cards course and why you want to be considered for a scholarship.

Send your request to: kaleidosoul@gmail.com and be sure to put SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.

I will make a numbered list of everyone who applies, and on June 22, I will use the number generator at random.org to choose 3 SoulCollagers who will be able to attend this online workshop at no cost. You will be notified after June 22, either way.
NOTE: No one in the class will know who has received the scholarships, or who has applied for the scholarships. This info is just between us.

Register Now

Info about how to Zoom or call in to the workshops will be sent approximately 1 week prior to July 10
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Write Now! Journaling with Our Cards: Online SoulCollage Series
Write Now! Journaling with Our Cards: Online SoulCollage Series
Summer 2022. Includes: 3 Zoom workshops, video recordings, supportive community, handouts, email support from Anne Marie, plus lots and lots of hands-on writing adventures!
Price: $67.00


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