Free SoulCollage® Gatherings Spring 2020

We are all connected via Indra’s Net!

Welcome! During this time of uncertainty about COVID-19 (the coronavirus), we’re being encouraged towards “social distancing” and away from “unecessary gatherings.”

Here at KaleidoSoul, we believe that SoulCollage® gatherings during this challenging time are ESPECIALLY necessary!  So we sponsored some round-the-world VIDEO gatherings of SoulCollagers and the recordings are now available below.

Hopefully, if you’re feeling isolated and alone, this will bring you some much-needed connection.

There is no charge for these gatherings.

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An Exploration of Discombobulation:
Finding our Creative Resilience

with SoulCollage® Facilitator
Michele Manos from Arizona

In this Zoom gathering, we gatherws from all over the world to learn about creating and claiming our innate resilience. Michele led us through a jouraling exercise with several of our cards. Lots of sharing afterwards. 95 women joined in from as far away as Italy and Taiwan!

Michele Manos is a scientist, professor, writer, mentor, activist, and adventurer. She has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2008 and offers workshops and retreats for Facilitators and non-Facilitators.


Finding Gold Where You Least Expect It
. . . Like During a Pandemic!
with SoulCollage® Facilitator
Lisa M. Miller from Kentucky
Recorded 3/18/20

In this Zoom gathering, we gather from all over the world to discover how and why miracles can show up in your life when you least expect them. We’ll be doing some journaling with one card as part of Lisa’s presentation. Very inspiring!

Lisa M. Miller is a women’s mind-body health specialist, and a master in guiding women deeper into their intuitive gifts. In the field of mind-body health for 20 years as a non-denominational chaplain, spiritual counselor, energy healer, advanced yoga teacher, meditation instructor and Ayurvedic coach, she helps women fine-tune their strengths, talents, and intuitive knowing.  She has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2016 and is also a Trainer of SoulCollage Facilitator. She is the author of a highly-recommended book, The Heart of Leadership for Women, which is an inspiring, deep, funny, empowering read for every woman who asks the questions: Who Am I? What do I Want? How Can I serve? What is My Purpose? Visit her on her website Lisa Miller Beautiful Day.

Please bring all your cards, a notebook, and pen.  Also bring your heart for personal exploration, and your desire for inspiration to find you.


Click below to access the handout of questions that Lisa shared:
Journaling Questions March 18 Zoom


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
with SoulCollage® Facilitator
Janine Kharey from Louisiana
Recorded 3/21/20

Join us for an hour of community and connections! Janine shares a powerful Powerpoint visual presentation (and several of her own cards) about how understanding the natural biological response to fear can help us see ourselves as survivors rather than victims. The truth is that feeling powerless isn’t the actuality- we all have Protector Neters and other forces that work to keep us capable of handling whatever may come. We learn and discuss how SoulCollage® can allow us to bypass our biological response to fear, so that we can gain confidence in meeting current and unexpected challenges.

Janine Kharey is a career artist, art educator, writer and mother. She brings her years of experience as someone who can inspire others to courageously take up the challenge to find their own inner power. Janine has been practicing SoulCollage® for several years and became a Facilitator in 2019. 


Click below to download the PowerPoint Janine shared with us (all SoulCollage cards made with copyright free images).  Please do not share without permission from Janine.
Being Ok with Not Being Ok by Janine Kharey

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