Doors- SoulCollageĀ® Cards

doors audrey

Open Door
Suit Unknown

I am one who is slowly but surely removing the facade I have shared with the world. I am the one who will move out in the open when I feel I am enough of myself to let the waves of the Universe do the rest of the work. I am one who is loving myself and moving to completeness.


doors rene




The Guide
Council Suit

I am One Who reminds you to Shamor V’Zahor…guard and remember. Not only your Jewish spiritual path, but also your roots, deep in the earth.Ā  Stay close, and I will guide you through the doorway, lit by the Moon. You have been here before, and recognized it when you first read the myth of Persephone as a young child. Don’t worry, I can see in the dark and will teach you how. We will seek the answer together, and I will lead you safely back Above ground. Come!Ā 


doors michele

Innocence Re-emerging
Committee Suit

I am still here, despite the world’s horrors and disappointments. I bring you trust in things to come.You may open the door and let me in, as needed.


karen doors








Committee Suit

I am One who values my privacy. I am One who tends to keep my doors closed. I am One who signals others to keep their distance and wait for an invitation. My gift to you is solitude. What I want you to know is privacy can be overrated; consider the price you pay for it. What I want from you is to open your doors more often and allow others in.


joy doors

Committee Suit
North Carolina
I am one who is following the purple brick road.Ā  I am one who allows my innocence to lead me through the doorway to a new and sunny land.
I am one who knows that angels are watching over my journey.Ā 

doors carol 2







Ptera Traveler
Council Suit



I am the One who travels among the dimensions, flying from the weltering chaos, through the door and into other worlds. I am One who is strange, yet also at home wherever I explore. I am one who remembers and one who transitions, harnessing the intense blue power to move between. Where will I take you?

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