Come As You Are:

Using SoulCollageĀ® to Journey from
Body-Criticism to Body-Compassion

4 Week Zoom Workshop with Anne Marie Bennett
September 11 – October 16, 2021

I am the one who is comfortable and secure in my body. I am the one who loves my body exactly as it is.


True love begins with the act of going home to ourselves and our body. We need to learn to handle our body with compassion, in the way we eat, in the way we work. Keeping our compassion alive and releasing tension in our body brings us deep peace and well-being.Ā  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Have you ever said negative things about your own body, either to yourself or to others?

Do you feel anxious when thinking about your body?

Do you find it difficult to shower your body with compassion and love?

Would you like to find some creative ways to move from criticism to compassion in regards to your body?


If you responded YES to any of these,
this unique Zoom SoulCollageĀ® series isĀ  just what you need
to help you transform your inner criticism about your body
into deep acceptance and compassion.


What It’s All About

I am the one who stands tall and proud, leaving the shadows of my negative self talk behind.

During this series of four 2-hour Zoom workshops, we’ll use SoulCollageĀ® and a variety of other processes to explore our relationships with our bodies.Ā  We’ll explore this topic through discussion, card making, journaling and card readings as well as looking at and working with some of our Inner Committee voices.

We’ll be meeting up with an Animal Companion and listening to their wisdom for us.Ā  We’ll dive deeply into our chakra energies as well.

And all along the way, we’ll be changing the way we talk about our bodies so that we’re embracing ourselves with constant kindness and compassion.

We will also use some other tools to help us find our way from criticism to compassion concerning our bodies:

* EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
* Guided Imagery
* Self-Talk
* Affirmations
* Metta (Loving-Kindness) Practice

I am the one who is comfortable in my own skin.
I am the one who is comfortable in my own skin.

If you are a SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator, you’ll take away many ideas for workshops of your own so that you can help others talk and act more kindly towards their bodies. SoulCollageĀ® is such a powerful tool for this inner work!

This series is for new OR experienced SoulCollagers, and for anyone who has ever had disheartening thoughts about his/her body.

If you are new to SoulCollageĀ®, please watch this 20-minute overview video first (with gratitude to Facilitator/Trainer Catherine Anderson!) so that you are familiar with the process and how to make a card.

You’ll walk away from this series with lots of new SoulCollageĀ® cards and a whole new way of seeing yourself!


Topics We’ll Be Covering

  • I am the one who delights in taking care of my body.
    I am the one who delights in taking care of my body.

    Factors that contribute to negative body image

  • How to tellĀ  your “true voice” from your “inner critic” or “inner mean girl”

  • Ideas for positive body image SoulCollageĀ® cards
  • Committee Suit (inner voices)
  • Ways to journal with the inner voices (Committee Suit) that are getting in the way of our best selves
  • Companions suit (body energies and animal energies)
  • The 7 chakras
  • Sensuality, feeling physical pleasure


What You’ll Receive

  • 42 Daily inspirational (short!) emails from Anne Marie to encourage you on this journey to compassionate self-acceptance. These will include inspiring quotations, cartoons, songs, videos and simple reminders forĀ  treating your self with kindness.
  • Participation in four 2-hour Zoom classes with Anne Marie Bennett, SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator, Trainer, and creator of, who has been working with SoulCollage since 2005.
  • Access to the recordings of all 4 Zooms + all handouts, in case you can’t join us in person.
  • All of the video recordings are yours to keep as a valuable resource for years to come.
  • Permission to participate or NOT participate in the live Zooms.Ā  If you zoom in, you can just listen OR you can make comments, share your insights, and ask questions.Ā  OR…Ā  you can choose to watch all of the videos later, on your own, and do the activities without the presence and support of the group.
  • I am the one who celebrates my sacred sensuality.
    I am the one who celebrates my sacred sensuality.

    During our live classes, we’ll spend most of our time actually EXPERIENCING ways to create this inner shift from criticism to compassion. That’s right,we’re not going to just TALK about it, we’reĀ  going to actually DO it!Ā Ā  Note that any sharing of your inner work is always OPTIONAL and a matter of choice. It is perfectly okay to zoom in, do the work on your own, and never speak a word!

  • Handouts for many of the activities that we’ll experience
  • A private Facebook Group to share your insights and experiences in between classes- optional participation
  • Generous email support from Anne Marie Bennett who will be available during the time in between Zooms to answer questions and provide assistance as necessary

Be one of the first TEN to register,
and you’ll receive a FREE copy of the book
The Tapping Solution for Lasting Change,
by Jessica Ortner.
Value: $17.99.Ā  304 pages.


Here’s What People Are Saying
About Anne Marie’s
Come As You Are SoulCollageĀ® Course

beautiful girl shouting out loud I enjoyed the daily Encourage-mails and thought that all of them were very appropriate, connecting with the theme and gave lots of information, articles and videos.Ā  The classes were very well organized with lots of handouts as well as Homeplay suggestions that we could do on our own.Ā  I highly recommend this online course.Ā  Lots of facts, information, encouragement were shared.Ā 
~ Hannalie, South Africa


I liked the class. I know it wasn’t about weight loss, but I lost 7 lbs and a few inches. I wasn’t on any diet, but more of an acceptance of my body and being more kind to my body. I liked the daily emails. Very happy I signed up!
~ Dawn, New Mexico


I really liked the daily Encourage-mails.Ā  Everyday I looked forward to receiving them.Ā  I also used the Personal Pact almost everyday-I think I only missed one day.Ā  I think this is a class that would benefit most people.Ā  It certainly benefited me in being more mindful about body image, negative self talk and developing more self acceptance of my body.
~ Linda, Florida


Even when I was distracted by other things, the daily Encourage-Mail emails were a gentle reminder to stay in the conversation.Ā  The whole class served to raise my awareness of what has been going on in my psyche/inner world.
~ Dani, Washington


I am the one who is breaking free from the cage of negative self-talk.
I am the one who is breaking free from the cage of negative self-talk.

I thought this course was wonderful! It was thoroughly conceived, with many experiences for the attendee to consider body messages and then to change them. The daily Encourage-mails were to me the most effective part of the class because they helped to ā€˜cement ā€˜ intention between the classes, on a daily basis and on many levels. This was similar to a daily meditation for me. I would certainly recommend the class to others; it was beneficial to me in ways that I never expected.Ā  I can actually say that I have developed an awareness of compassion and gratitude for my wonderful body, in all circumstances! I had no idea this would be available to me… ~ Patricia, Michigan

When I got sick suddenly during the class, I practiced being patient and gentle with myself and body. The EFT tapping lessened my anxiety, depression, and discouragement. Practicing gratitude continues to be very useful allowing me to recognize unexpected/overlooked blessings. This also supports my spiritual learnings which interestingly are complementary to the Come As You Are content.Ā  ~ Susan, Massachusetts

I loved the course. It helped me to look at my body in a different way. I feel I am now less critical and more loving and accepting.Ā  ~ Simone, Massachusetts

I am very happy with this course. It made me more aware of how I react on my body, especially when I experience pain. I can accept my body more than before. I enjoyed every part of this class, thank you so much! I have learned to look at my body in a more positive way and with more respect and thankfulness for everything that is going well.
~ Trudy, The Netherlands

I haven’t had time to delve into all of the call recordings yet, but the daily Encourage-mails and posts that other people have made on our private Facebook page have led me to make friends with my body, just as it is. The marked increase in mercy toward myself has bled into other aspects of my life, and have shown up as affirmations, decluttering, and other acts of self care.
~ Gail, Connecticut


Dates and Times of the Audio Tele-Classes

Council Suit/Archetype LOVE: I am the one who stands for Love of all kinds, including most importantly Love of Self.

Saturday September 11, 2021
Saturday September 18, 2021
Saturday October 2, 2021
Saturday October 16, 2021

* 3 pm Eastern *
* 2 pm Central *
* 1 pm Mountain *
* 12 noon Pacific *
*Ā  9 a.m.Ā  Hawaii *
* 8 pmĀ  London *
* 9 pm Rome *
* Sunday 5 a.m. Melbourne, Australia *
Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Sunday 6 a.m. (Oct. 2 & 9 classes)
* Sunday 7 a.m.Ā  New Zealand *
Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Sunday 8 a.m. (Oct. 2 & 9 classes)


Each Zoom will be approximately two hours.

For other time zones, please visit
the World Clock Meeting Planner.


If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to all of the video recordings / handouts
within 24 hours.
and you’ll have forever-access to all of it.

SCHOLARSHIPS- Deadline August 24, 2021

gifts2In gratitude for how much SoulCollageĀ® has meant in my own life, I am pleased to offer 3 full-tuition scholarships to this course, for those who cannot afford the tuition.

Please send me a brief email explaining why you would like to be in our Come As You Are course and why you want to be considered for a scholarship.

Send your request to: and be sure to put SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.

I will make a numbered list of everyone who applies, and right after August 24, I will use the number generator at to choose 3 SoulCollagers who will be able to attend this online workshop at no cost. You will be notified after August 24, either way.

Please send your email request toĀ 
NOTE: No one in the class will know who has received the scholarships, or who has applied for the scholarships. This info is just between us.

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Come As You Are: Online SoulCollage Workshop
Come As You Are: Online SoulCollage Workshop
September 11-October 9, 2021 Includes: 42 daily encouraging emails, 4 Zoom classes, video recordings, supportive online community, handouts, email support from Anne Marie.
Price: $87.00


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I am the one who is worthy of my own self-love and deep inner compassion.
I am the one who is worthy of my own self-love and deep inner compassion.

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