Your Chakra Energy Centers

What are Chakras?

The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit (East Indian) word that means wheel. For thousands of years, they have been visualized as round balls of light that can open, close, darken, brighten, and spin. Their locations represent different aspects of human experience. Our emotions, physical health, and the ability to connect with others are all thought to be reflected in the condition of the chakras.

Brief Descriptions

  • First Chakra–
  • Also known as the Root/Base Chakra. Located at the base of your spine. Associated with our sense of security in the world, survival, self-esteem, shelter and food, the material things in life, and making money. This is where our physical and emotional stability and balance co-exist. Body- spine, nervous system. Color- red.
  • Second Chakra–
  • Also known as the Sexual/Spleen Chakra. Located in the curve of the sacrum. Associated with sexuality, sensuality, procreation, passion, emotion, and creativity. This is where the energy of our ancestors exists. Body- spleen, digestive organs, sexual organs. Color- orange.
  • Third Chakra–
  • Located in the upper stomach area just below the rib cage (behind the navel). Associated with our sense of personal power, the ego. This is where our energy comes from when we compete, protect, control, transform, and make choices. Body- stomach. Color- yellow.
  • Fourth Chakra–
  • Located in the area of your heart. Associated with unconditional love, compassion, joy, unity with all living things. Body- lungs, heart. Color- green.
  • Fifth Chakra–
  • This is the bridge chakra which allows us to receive nurturance and permits us to express our deepest truths. Located in your throat. Associated with creative energy, communication, and self-expression. Body- immune system, hormones. Color- blue.
  • Sixth Chakra–
  • Located just above and between your eyebrows. Also known as The Third Eye. Associated with intuition, deep wisdom, and spirituality. Body- pituitary gland, mental and spiritual processes. Color- indigo.
  • Seventh Chakra–
  • Also known as the Crown Chakra. Located just above the top of your head. Is thought to be our gateway / connection to the Spirit world. Here we feel and know that we are One with all that is, was, and will be. Color- violet.
  • More Information

    * Please click here for a more in-depth descriptive guide to the chakras, including a 5 minute visual meditation on your own 7 chakras.

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  • * Chakra Portals– Each chakra has its own page description as well as a very large image to focus on (and sound as well) to open and balance each chakra. Can be done in just a few minutes. Really makes a difference. Also included is a list of symptoms and common complaints that trigger imbalance of each chakra. A highly visual and unique experience!
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