Audios List for Kindred Spirits

This is a partial list of the audios that are currently available in our Kindred Spirits Members Only Audio Library.Ā  If you like what you see, please join KaleidoSoul Kindred Spirits so you can start listening now!



SoulCollageĀ® Card Making Cafe

Artful Card Making Tips


Whatā€™s Intuition Got To Do With It?

Freeing Your Imagination With SoulCollageĀ® Using Guided Imagery

Awakening Your Creative Muse

Breaking Through Creative Blocks Part 1

Breaking Through Creative Blocks Part 2



Getting To Know You: The Committee Suit

Creating a ā€œFuture Meā€ SoulCollageĀ® Card

Inner Critic Party: Learning to Get Along With Our Inner Critic Voices

Embracing the Mystery of Our Shadow Parts

Dancing With Your Inner Child

Engaging Your Inner CheerleaderQueen of My Self



The SoulCollageĀ® Community Suit: Power & Possibilities

SoulCollage & the Art of Relationships

Releasing Family Myths with SoulCollageĀ®

Using SoulCollage to Help with Pet Loss



The Council Suit: From Angels to Archetypes

Walking Toward Wisdom: Journeying with the Crone Archetype

The Fool Archetype

Using the Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel in Your SoulCollageĀ® Journey

Archetypal Journey to Wholeness

Honoring Mother Earth

Goddess Aphrodite

Wild Woman Archetype

The Goddess Within: Female Archetypes in Modern Day Scenarios

Honoring Death in Our Decks

Honoring Death in Our Decks Part 2

Exploring the Castle: Discovering Our Personal Archetype

Demeter & Persephone Myth: Mother & Daughter Archetypes

Autumn Archetype

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom



Meeting Your Animal Guides

Your Personal Totem Pole

The Companions Suit in Action

SoulCollageĀ® and the Chakras

SoulCollage, Power Animals & Shamanism


Transpersonal Cards (Source, SoulEssence, Witness)

Transpersonal Cards- Witness & SoulEssence Unraveling the Mystery

Eckhart Tolle, SoulCollageĀ®, and The Source

Using SoulCollage & Astrology to Discover Your SoulEssence



SoulCollageĀ® As Prayer

Giving and Receiving Blessings

The One and the Many

Labyrinths and SoulCollage

Forgiveness and SoulCollage




Completely Random, Completely Divine

Moon Lodge Card Reading

A Guided SoulCollageĀ® Card Reading

Eleven Card Draw: A Guided Card Reading

Medicine Wheel SoulCollage Reading

A Soul is Born: A Guided SoulCollage Card Reading

Eye of the Hawk Guided SoulCollageĀ® Reading


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Working with Your Cards- Other

Extra! Extra! Write All About It!

Spicing Up the Soul of Life: Random Play With Our SoulCollageĀ® Decks

Meditation and SoulCollageĀ®

SoulCollageĀ® and the Sounds of Silence

Creating a SoulCollageĀ® Practice with Your Deck

Listening Writing with Your Cards

SoulCollageĀ® and the Magic of Poetry

Getting Unstuck with SoulCollageĀ®

SoulCollage and Transition

Working with a Mystery Card



Sweet Dreams: Using SoulCollageĀ® to Find Meaning in Your Dreams

Tending Our Dreams with SoulCollageĀ®



Our Bodacious Bodies

The Voices of Our Addictions: Transformation Through SoulCollage

How Laughter Can Be Good Medicine

SoulCollageĀ® and Eating Disorders

Living Through Breast Cancer with SoulCollageĀ®

Celebrating Aromatherapy with SoulCollageĀ®

Movement and SoulCollage: Blossoming Your Inner Dancer



Tuned in to the Soundtrack of Your Life

Sound and Music



Creating a Personal History Suit For Your SoulCollageĀ® Deck

Using the 4 Suits to Enhance Your Deck

Relationships-Among-Your Neters



Lifelinks: How To Have the Best Year of Your Life

Soul Alchemy & SoulCollageĀ®

Break Out of Your Money Closet with SoulCollageĀ®

Getting Organized

SoulCollage and FasterEFT

SoulCollageĀ® & The Law of Attraction



A Conversation with Seena Frost, Founder & Creator of SoulCollageĀ®

The Creative Journey Game

Illustrating Healing: SoulCollageĀ® and the Grief Journey

Kairos: The Gift of Timeless Time

Enriching Your SoulCollageĀ® Practice with Ritual in the New Year

Sharing the Treasure: Passing SoulCollageĀ® On To Others

SoulCollageĀ® and Your Clown Chakra

Trusting the SoulCollage Process: The Whole Brain Way

SoulCollage and the Enneagram

SoulCollaging Into the Third Act of Our Lives

Embrace and Inhabit Your Cards

Chinese Astrology


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