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Aromatherapy Cards

These are the cards discussed during our February 2011 tele-class:

Discover your Fragrant Muse with SoulCollage and Aromatherapy,

with SoulCollage® Facilitator Liz Fulcher, in Pennsylvania.

Liz Fulcher’s Fragrant Muse
® Cards


Atlas Cedarwood


I am one who strengthens your connection to Earth energies.

I am one who keeps you solid, centered and grounded when your head is in the clouds.

I am one who draws your base chakra energy down into the ground so that you may become rooted and stable.

I am one who envelops you in a rich, sweet blanket lulling you into deep calm.



I am one who dances the light fandango and trips the light fantastic!

I am one who fills the scary dark places with light.

I am one who opens your heart chakra allowing joy to radiate.

I am one who soothes your wounded heart and eases your grief.

I am one who transports you to Italy and fills you with the energy of your beloved Eternal City.



Carrot Seed


I am one who purifies your body and offers rejuvenation to your skin.

I am one who embraces your sacred feminine.

I am one who reminds you of relaxed summer days and the nearness of autumn.


Clary Sage


I am one who encourages rest.
I am one who ushers in joy and laughter.
I am one who awakens your creativity.
I am one who opens the sixth chakra, allowing you to experience greater intuition and inner vision.
I am one who soothes the beasts of anger and fear.
I am one who offers peace when you are overwhelmed.
I am one who opens the door to your sensual self.




I am one who fills your soul with joy when you inhale my exotic aroma.
I am who stirs your sensuality.
I am one who sets the stage for experiencing love and gratitude.

I offer you the opportunity to experience deep love.

I want you to relax and slow down, taking time to experience that which is right before your eyes.




I am one who harmonizes the earth element with your mind, mentally grounding you and bringing you back to your feet.

I am one who invites sensual pleasure.

I am one who is steeped in ancient cultures of the East.

I am one whose rescues you from the nervous strain and mental overload of your own overactive mind.



Tea Tree


I am a healing warrior

I am one who is a trusted companion on the path to health.

I am one who uplifts and energizes.

I am one who embodies life-giving energy on all levels.





I am one who clears your mind and allows your full attention to emerge.

I am one who lifts your spirits and brings life to your mornings.

I am one who encourages your words.

I am one who transports you to special time and place and a summer of love and knowledge.




I am one who guards and protects you from negative influences, keeping your gentle spirit safe so you may be of greater service.




I am the great balancer.

I am one who is always there for you.

I am one who soothes the ruffles of your charged up nerves.

I am one who speaks to the children.

I am one who is ancient and pure.

I am one who carries you to France and beyond.