Archetypes Among Us: Exploring the SoulCollageĀ® Council Suit

3 Week Online Workshop
with Anne Marie Bennett

May 12 – June 2, 2018

Lightbearer Archetype

Have you heard about archetypes but aren’t quite sure what they really are?

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between a Committee card and a Council (archetypal) card?

Do you ever look back on your life and see patterns or influences that have been with you since birth?

Would you like to add some spiritual depth and meaning to your SoulCollageĀ® Deck?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
our all-new online series:
Archetypes Among Us:
The SoulCollageĀ® Council Suit

might be
just what you need to take your SoulCollageĀ® work to a beautiful new depth.


Why Should We Explore Archetypes?

Archetypes do the weaving of all mythic and universal stories, and we, each one of us, are the threads with which they weave.Ā  ~ Seena Frost, SoulCollage Evolving

Love of Knowledge- Archetype

The archetypes given image in the Council suit of our SoulCollageĀ® Decks are generally the most mysterious cards that we make. They have a different look and “feel” about them, usually.Ā  Many of mine showed up intuitively, and others I made intentionally.

These Council members (archetypes) have much wisdom and knowledge to offer us about the patterns and overall happenings in our lives.Ā  It’s so important to stay open to their wisdom.

Seena Frost also says, Initially, we have little choice about these powerful Neters: they choose us.Ā  But as we become more awake and conscious of the energies guiding us, we develop some intentionality so we can work with rather than against them.

In this unique online workshop, we will:

  • dive right into the experience of discovering some of our own archetypes
  • make at least one SoulCollageĀ® card to honor an archetype that’s been guiding us since birth
  • do some wisdom journaling with one or more of our personal archetypes
  • meet a few of our own archetypes in a couple of different kinds of guided meditations
  • learn how we can intentionally work with our archetypes (instead of against them) in order to find balance and increased authenticity in our daily lives

What You’ll Receive:

  • Participation in three 90 minute tele-classes with Anne Marie Bennett, SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator, Trainer, and creator of, who has been exploring her own archetypes in the light of SoulCollageĀ® since 2005.
  • Access to the recordings of all 3 tele-classes, in case you can’t join us in person.
  • All of the audio classes are also yours to keep as MP3 downloads for a valuable resource for years to come
  • Permission to participate or NOT participate in the live tele-calls. If you call in, you can just listen OR you can make comments, share your writings, and ask questions. OR… you can choose to listen to all of the recordings later, on your own, and do the journaling activities without the presence and support of the group.
  • During each tele-call Anne Marie will introduce several ways of working with our personal archetypes, and we’ll be doing this work together. She will also share many examples of her own work/play with the archetypes that have been active in her own life over the years.
  • Divine Mother- Unconditional Love

    During our tele-calls, we’ll spend a lot of our time actually DOING INNER WORK WITH OUR COUNCIL MEMBERS/ARCHETYPES. That’s right, we’re not going to simply TALK about archetypes, we’re going to actually EXPERIENCE them! So be sure to bring a well-loved journal and comfortable pen with you. Note that any sharing of your inner work is always OPTIONAL and a matter of choice. It is perfectly okay to dial in to these calls, do the inner work on your own, and never speak a word!

  • Journaling activities, guided imagery meditations and the SoulCollageĀ® process will form the basis of all of our inner explorations in these classes.
  • Handouts and resources for each of the 3 tele-classes will be provided via email.
  • A private place online to post any writings that you do about your own archetypes/Council cards in between classes- optional participation
  • Generous email support from Anne Marie Bennett who will be available during the time in between tele-classes to answer questions and provide assistance as necessary



SPECIAL BONUS OFFER!Ā  Be one of the first TEN to register, and you’ll and you’ll receive a FREE copy of Caroline Myss’s Archetype Cards. This is a unique set of 80 Archetype Cards, each individually designed to provide the basic Light and Shadow Attributes of a different Archetype. The deck also contains six blank cards on which you can create your own Archetypes. We’ll ship it to you absolutely free also (even if you live in Australia!).


Here’s What People Are Saying
About Anne Marie’s Classes

Father Archetype

You are a superb example of the Teacher archetype-so allowing, nurturing, authentic, intellectually clear in your communication style and present to your audience!Ā  My comprehension of the depth and breadth of the archetypes was exponentially stretched.Ā  I now have a deeper understanding of their subtle inner manifestations and machinations and a deeper appreciation of their vast overarching influences as Council Neters moving through us as we encounter different phases of our inner lives.

~ Domonic, Arizon


What a great class! My mystery card is now a very potent messenger. I so appreciate all the years of detailed study and work you must have put into this. Out of 5 SoulCollage groups I’ve participated in my area, I have not experienced this depth. Thank you!
— Mary Agnes, Maryland


The last meditation was VERY powerful for me in ways I feel will probably take years to unravel and I cannot wait to find the images to match or symbolize what I experienced. I find you to be a very inviting soul with a luminescence about you that helps draw people into the experience if one is open to Spirit. — Stacie, Colorado



I just wanted to say thank you for the tele-classes. I led a workshop on Saturday, and used some of the journaling ideas with the participants, with good feedback. It has helped me also! I have been especially touched by the dialogues that are happening between some of my cards…very helpful and very deep… — Barbara, Connecticut


You never know before an experience like this how much the heart will open. Anne Marie created such a safe space that mine opened effortlessly.
ā€” Laura Hegfield, New Hampshire


Compassionate Protector

Anne Marie is a gifted facilitator and is able to create both a sacred and safe space, and to both nurture/affirm and stretch others to explore more and go deeper.
ā€“ Lis G., Massachusetts


I very much enjoyed the 3 tele-classes even though I didnā€™t get to be on any of the “live” calls. I love your clarity and gentle authority ā€“ as someone whoā€™s done quite a bit of teaching myself, it is a luxury and a pleasure to be so well guided and nurtured.
— Linda, U.K.


Anne Marieā€™s presentation style and leadership was very good. She gave us clear, concise instruction interwoven with acceptance and encouragement that made me want to risk trying new things.
ā€” Janet, Connecticut



Dates and Times

Cosmic Gardener

Each class is 90 minutes:

Saturday May 12, 2018

Saturday May 26, 2018

Saturday June 2, 2018

* 12 noon Eastern *
* 11 a.m. Central *
* 10 a.m. Mountain *
* 9 a.m. Pacific *
* 6 a.m. Hawaii *
* 5 pm London *
* 6 pm Rome *
* Sunday 2 a.m. Melbourne, Australia *
* Sunday 4 a.m. New Zealand *

For other time zones, please visit
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If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to all of the recordings the very next day. You’ll be able to listen online OR download the class as an MP3 file.

Scholarships- Deadline April 19

Mystical Child Archetype

In gratitude for how much SoulCollageĀ® has meant in my own life, I am pleased to offer THREE full-tuition scholarships to this course, for those who cannot afford the tuition.

Please send me a brief email explaining why you would like to be in our Archetypes Among Us: Exploring the SoulCollageĀ® Council Suit online course, and why you want to be considered for a scholarship. Send your request to: and be sure to put SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.

I will make a numbered list of everyone who applies, and after April 19 I will use the number generator at to choose 3 SoulCollagers who will be able to attend this online workshop at no cost. You will be notified after April 19 either way.
NOTE: No one in the class will know who has received the scholarships, or who has applied for the scholarships. This info is just between us.


People who imbue their lives with enchantment and meaning, who choose to imagine that the universe is sending loving messengers to them, and who see experiences as rich with possibility are more likely to satisfactorily deal with the myriad twists and incomprehensible turns that are a part of everyoneā€™s life. — Susan Chernak McElroy

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Archetypes Among Us- Online Workshop with Anne Marie Bennett
Archetypes Among Us- Online Workshop with Anne Marie Bennett
May-June 2018. Includes: 3 tele-classes, audio recordings, supportive community, handouts, guided meditations, email support from Anne Marie, plus lots and lots of hands-on inner adventures!
Price: $67.00


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The real trick to life is not to be in the know,
but to be in the mystery. —F.A. Wolf