Three Card SoulCollageĀ® Reading from Karen Mann

The challenge I chose to focus on was my inability to make any decisions about or commitment to a couple of courses of study I have been participating in this year and am hoping to continue pursuing next year. I haven’t been able to decide whether to continue with one, both or neither of these courses. I was feeling very uncertain when I started this reading.

Card 1- The Challenge
(Fat Pig Card- Committee)

I am the one who is busy worrying about the future and trying to figure everything out in advance.

The challenge is to be happy in the here and now and to find balance in the present moment. The challenge is to enjoy the present and stop worrying about the past or the future.

Choosing this card was very interesting as it was initially a card about being upset about putting on weight. During the last 12 months I have succeeded in losing approximately 60 lbs. This time last year I never would have thought losing all that weight was possible, but I have. I need to stop trying to use my reasoning powers to logically figure everything out in advance.

Card 2 – The Way Through
(Margaret-Community Card)

I am the one who is in a much better place than I could have imagined for myself a year ago. I have a great job, a new house, a new partner, I am getting paid well and I have nearly finished my study!

Take the time to rest and nurture yourself. Let things happen as they are meant to.

The way through is to stop pushing and surrender. Stop planning things in advance and let them happen. All in good time, my friend. Let it be!

This SoulCollageĀ® card represents a friend who has recently been through a whole heap of upheaval, including the breakdown of a long-term relationship, relocating cities, changing jobs etc. This time last year she never could have predicted how great her life would be now. What a great role model for things sorting themselves out, when you trust and stop pushing!

Card 3 – The Gift
(Make my Own Luck- Committee)

I am the one who makes my own luck. I am peaceful and calm and can achieve anything I want when I maintain a balanced life. If I use qigong and other tools I have learnt his year things will flow and I will just know what to do. Opportunities will arise and I will not have to push or try.

The gift is to remember to use the techniques you have been learning and practicing. Stop stressing and start being. Life is fun! Life is now! Enjoy the present and let the games begin.


After completing this reading, my opinion and attitude shifted totally. When I started the reading I was looking for clarity and the answer and hoped I would know exactly which course/s I should continue with next year. After doing this SoulCollageĀ® reading I learnt that my challenge is to stop trying to figure things out in advance and that my way forward is to stop pushing and planning.

The opportunity I have been gifted with is a chance to really practice living in the present and stop stressing and struggling. When I completed this reading I felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I dont need to figure out the answer. If I can just trust and let go, the way forward will become clear. I felt a great deal of relief when I let go of needing to know right now. A whole heap of pressure and turmoil dissipated and I felt calmer and more centered.

Interestingly, many of my messages were about being in the present. I liked this play of words (gift/presentdo you get it?) and sense of fun that this reading shared with me. It reminded me of the advice my qigong teacher gave me the other day when he said learning doesnt all have to be a serious business.

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