The Great Big SoulCollage® Companions Suit Celebration
of 2024

A magical, informative,
experiential deep dive
into the mysterious realm of
Animal energies
+ our physical energies
via the SoulCollage® Companions Suit,
aka “The Suit of Many Colors”

with Anne Marie Bennett 
and 6 Guest Facilitators

January – June 2024 + BONUS Class July

One 3-Hour Zoom Each Month
Bonus Access to KaleidoSoul’s Self-Study Course
on the Companions Suit


NOTE: The first class was January 6
but it’s not too late to join us!
After you register,
we will send you the videos and handouts
and Sunday Soul Suggestions
for the classes that have already taken place.



Meet one or more of your own Animal Companions

Already met all of your Animal Companions? Get to know them more fully!

Explore and deepen your understanding of this “suit of many colors”

Expand your SoulCollage® deck.

Connect with the international SoulCollage® community.

Get some great ideas for workshops if you’re a Facilitator.

Meet Anne Marie Bennett, creator of this series
and one of our 7 Facilitators
(Press the Red PLAY button)

What Is The SoulCollage® “Suit of Many Colors?”

birds flying in blue sky abstract art mind mental health spirituThe Companions suit was officially named by Seena Frost when she created the process back in the late 1980’s. However, she always gave us permission to name the suits according to our own creative preferences. You might call it the Suit of Energies, the Energetic Suit, the suit of Animal Guides, Power Animals, or whatever you like. Some of us still like calling it the Companions suit, because the Animal energies companion us in our bodies as well as our minds and spirits.

For the sake of this class, and for the possibility of making this suit a bit easier to understand, I’m calling it the Suit of Many Colors.


Because when I first started SoulCollaging in 2005, I had a hard time grasping the meaning and intention of this suit. For me, it was the hardest to derive meaning from. As I’ve studied over the years, I’ve come to have a special relationship with my own Animal Companions, and I hope that you will as well, as you continue on in this series.

If you’re finding this suit challenging to integrate into your life, consider the “many colors” that make up this suit which Seena created to represent the energetic dimension of our lives:

— the rainbow colors of the chakra energy centers of our physical bodies

— the many varied colors of animals that crawl, walk, swim and fly

— the colors of the natural world, including the sun, moon, stars, plants, trees, flowers, . . .

We hope that this series brings clarity, adventure, and a greater sense of your connection to your body and the Animal energies that have so much to offer us on our journeys.

If the Companions suit has been confusing for you, you will find it clearer and de-mystified
If you’ve worked with your Animal Companions already, you’ll discover new ways to listen and learn from them


This online video SoulCollage® series is for you if . . .

child touching paw pixabay square… you are curious about Animal guides / totems / companions and would like to know how they are active in your life today

… you want to feel more connected to yourself and your journey

… you want to feel more connected to the wisdom of your body

… you would like to embody and embrace more wholeness in your life

… you are ready to learn, discover, and explore the depths of your own SoulCollage® deck

Join this unique online Zoom workshop series to:

sccopyrightfree83* feel more connected to yourself, and the wider SoulCollage® community

* learn about and experience the wisdom of this “suit of many colors” using left and right brain modalities

* enjoy a space to better understand your own life’s journey within our explorations led by our experienced Facilitators (see their bios and photos below)

* add some new SoulCollage® cards to your deck

* enter into dialogue with these fascinating Neters of the Companions Suit

* discover how we can all intentionally honor and work with these Animal and physical energies in order to enrich, broaden, and deepen our own extraordinary, authentic, creative lives

Our personal, energetic rhythms come to be more in tune with the energetic rhythms of nature and using our SoulCollage® cards in this suit helps us toward this balance.
~ Seena Frost, SoulCollage Evolving, page 44

What you’ll receive:

* Participation in SIX 3-HOUR VIDEO CLASSES with Anne Marie Bennett + SIX experienced guest Facilitators who have all used the wisdom of the Animal Companions suit in their personal SoulCollage® practice and workshops

* A BONUS GIFT (as soon as you register) of easy access to KaleidoSoul’s SoulCollage® Self-Study course on the Companions Suit

* Access to the video recordings of all 6 Zoom classes in case you can’t join us in person, as well as all handouts/resources that are shared during each class

* All 6 classes (along with the Self-Study course) are yours to keep and access as a valuable resource for years to come

* Inspiring “Sunday Soul Suggestions” (emails, only one per week) in between classes to help keep you focused on the current themes, including suggested resources, SoulCollage® activities, journaling prompts, and more

* Permission to participate or not participate in the live video classes. If you Zoom with us, you can just listen and watch OR you can make comments, share your insights, and ask questions OR you can choose to watch all of the recordings later, on your own, and do the activities without the presence of the group

*During each class, our guest Facilitator will introduce various ways of understanding and working with our Animal Companions and our physical energies, and we’ll be doing this work together.

* During our video classes, we’ll spend a lot of our time actually EXPERIENCING THE ANIMAL COMPANIONS. That’s right, we’re not going to simply TALK about them, we’re actually going to EXPERIENCE them! So be sure to bring a well-loved journal and comfortable pen with you, along with sccopyrightfree85 squareyour open heart and mind.
Note that any sharing of your inner work is always OPTIONAL and a matter of choice. It is perfectly okay to Zoom in to these calls, do the inner work on your own, and never speak a word!

* Informative and visual left-brain teaching presentations and small group discussion, as well as right-brain guided imagery experiences, journaling, movement, ceremony, music,  story, poetry, card readings, and the SoulCollage® process will form the basis of of our inner explorations in these classes (not necessarily in that order!).

* Handouts and resources for each class

* A private place online to post your cards and/or inner discoveries throughout this journey (optional)

* Generous email support from Anne Marie Bennett and our guest Facilitator-of-the-Month


Basic outline of each 3-hour video workshop:

First 30 minutes
* Welcome, small group discussion and sharing of cards from the previous session (Anne Marie) 
EXCEPTION: In the first half-hour of Class #1, we’ll replace the small group breakouts with a short introduction to the Companions suit with Anne Marie.

Next 2.5 hours
* Guest Facilitator’s in-depth presentation on the Companions suit topic of the month (see topics below)
* Time for a break
* Small and large group sharing throughout (always optional)
* Closing the Circle (short ceremony)

Each in-depth presentation will include

* Factual (left-brain) information
* Experiential (right-brain) activities to bring us more in line with the energies of this suit
* Using our SoulCollage® cards in some way
* Recognition of this suit’s shadow aspects, as well as how these Neters influence/work with other suits in our decks

This, I am convinced, is the real teaching of wild creatures: by so fully being who they are, they show us how to be who we really are.  This is the great lesson of the Wisdom of the world.  
~ Gerald May, The Wisdom of Wilderness

Class Descriptions and Facilitators

Class 1
girl playing with dolphinDemystifying the Companions Suit
Saturday January 6, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett
& Lisa Miller

The Animal energies of the Companions Suit pair with the Yogic chakra system to give us a deep-down, primordial, inhabited sense of being alive in our physical human bodies. Because animals and humans are parallel energetic beings on planet Earth, their strengths, habits, preferences, and vulnerabilities mirror our own life tendencies and needs. When an Animal Companion “takes residence” in a chakra/area of the body, its job is to be the archetypal messenger about the wisdom and vulnerabilities of that particular part of human anatomy, emotionality, mentality, and spirit.

This workshop led by Lisa M. Miller, a chakra-health expert, Animal Medicine teacher, and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer, is designed to help you understand the casual and profound ways that your energetic body shines into your everyday life. We will get grounded through breathwork, some easy chair yoga, AND we’ll experience a special guided meditation that will lead us to reacquaint ourselves with—or perhaps meet for the first time—an Animal Companion with a wisdom message for us.

SPECIAL NOTE: The first half hour of this class will be a short overview of the Companions suit with Anne Marie Bennett.

lisa millerLisa M. Miller is an inclusive, trauma-informed, social justice advocate/artist/tree hugger. She’s been a SoulCollage® Trainer since 2016. Her long-time mentors are Indigenous medicine healers. Trained as a traditional clinical non-denominational chaplain and specializing in mind-body health, Lisa facilitates support groups and workshops that bring to life perennial wisdom teachings—a compass for meaning, intuition, and well-being. She’s an empty-nester, living in Kentucky, U.S.A, married to her 80’s summer camp sweetheart.  Discover more about Lisa, her workshops, podcast, and book on her website Lisa Miller Beautiful Day.

Start Times
* 3 pm Eastern
* Check out your time zone here.

If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


Class 2
girl playing with dolphinEvolving with Our Companions
Saturday February 3, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett
& Linda Woolfson

Seena Frost, the founder of SoulCollage®, created a marvelous Companions suit guided meditation, giving us a numinous portal of self-empowerment. When we let ourselves sink into this dream-like experience, we can more easily enter the land of our imagination. Here we can meet and make valuable relationships with the animate beings who inhabit our body’s energy centers. Seena’s gentle guided meditation is one way to discover one or more of our Animal Companions, enriching our lives as multi-faceted beings of sensuality and embodied wisdom. This experience can be one of the most surprising, challenging, and unpredictable aspects of the SoulCollage® process, and also one of the most rewarding.

In this workshop, we’ll use Seena’s guided meditation as the basis for our exploration. Then we’ll dive into discovering how we can nurture, sustain, and honor these relationships so they can continue to teach us and help us to grow over time. Whether you’re in the early stages of “finding” your Companions or have already enjoyed many years of relationship with them, we’ll be looking at how we can make the most of our precious Companions, both as individual Neters and when they show up in card readings.

linda woolfson photoLinda Woolfson MA, PhD trained as a SoulCollage® Facilitator with Seena Frost and Kylea Taylor in 2010 and subsequently became a Trainer of Facilitators. Relating to the natural world underpins all her work. Walking in nature, discovering sacred natural places, connecting with plants, and bird watching are central to her creative life.  In her workshops, retreats, and SoulCollage® Trainings, she particularly enjoys empowering others to live fully through the senses, including our sense of humor. Connecting as viscerally and personally as possible with the wildness of all animate beings—trees, plants, animals, stars, the moon, the sun—is vital to our well-being and our sense of authenticity. To find out more about Linda and her activities visit her website Collage Your Life.

Start Times
* 1 pm Eastern  *** NOTE DIFFERENT START TIME ***
* Check out your time zone here.


If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


Class 3
girl playing with dolphin Voicing the Body
in the Companions Suit
Saturday March 2, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett
& Jennifer Boire

The Church says: the body is a sin.
Science says: the body is a machine.
Advertising says: The body is a business.
The Body says: I am a fiesta.”

       ~Eduardo Galeano, Walking Words

The wonderful thing about using our SoulCollage® cards is that they can help us give voice to ALL of our parts. Although an obvious starting point for finding our voice in the Companions suit may appear to be the Throat or fifth chakra—actually, the truthful expression of our reality, of our unique needs and values, is also connected to how present we are in our root, crown, heart, solar plexus, creative center, and intuitive (third eye) centers. Dialoguing directly with these areas of the body along with the animals that reside there can bring important messages for our vitality, health, and well-being, while also connecting us to the natural world of Animal energies.

In this workshop, Jennifer will share creative exercises to help us connect and listen to our bodies. These will include centering, visualization, and poetry, as well as consulting and dialoguing with our SoulCollage® cards. We will be guided to choose a Companion or Animal card that we would like to know better and work with it in order to create/continue relationship with it and tune into its wisdom for us. Resources for continuing this work on our own will be provided.

Jennifer Boire has been leading creative journaling & SoulCollage® workshops & retreats for women for over twenty years. She became a Facilitator in 2012 and has been a Trainer of Facilitators since 2018. She offers tools to help you connect to your heart’s wisdom: journaling, poetry, SoulCollage®, self-care, books and resources.  Connect with her to discover the heart-space you need to listen to yourself on her website
or on Facebook as Jennifer Boire Inner Wisdom Guide.

Start Times
* 3 pm Eastern
* Check out your time zone here.

If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


Class 4
girl playing with dolphinOpening the Flow: Unblocking Our Physical Energies with a Little Help from Our Animal Companions
Saturday April 6, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett
& Sheila Southon

The free flow of energy and information throughout the body-mind is a mark of perfect health. But when trauma or chronically destructive habits undermine the health of the body-mind, we can re-open the flow with some simple and powerful techniques. This class will include visualization, journaling, simple movement and breathing techniques, as well as guidelines for using all of your senses to assist with reopening your flow. And of course, you’ll have a chance to work with one of your own Animal Companions in order to bring balance to a particular area of your body. Where is your flow blocked? Let’s explore together!

sheila southonSheila Southon worked for twenty-five years as a high school Guidance Counselor in suburban Montreal. During that time she encountered every challenge you might imagine from that tumultuous period of life, and learned that her first task was always to help people relax. Now retired, Sheila has continued to support people in their intentions to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives, in individual online sessions and small group work. She is certified by the Deepak Chopra Center to teach meditation, techniques of yoga, and the Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Sheila was introduced to SoulCollage® by Jennifer Boire in 2019 and immediately became a Facilitator in 2020 because she recognized that  although SoulCollage® is not therapy per se, it is definitely therapeutic. Find out more about Sheila and her offerings at Dharana Counseling.

Start Times
* 3 pm Eastern
* Check out your time zone here.
* *** Sunday 5 am Melbourne, Australia  NOTE TIME CHANGE!
* *** Sunday 7 am New Zealand NOTE TIME CHANGE!


If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


Class 5
girl playing with dolphin“Talk to the Animals”
Conversations between Our Companions and with Neters
in Other Suits

Saturday May 4, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett
& Marianne Grabowski

Oh, if I could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chatting with a chimp in Chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah
What a neat achievement it would be.

In 1967, when Rex Harrison first sang this song in the movie Doctor Doolittle, SoulCollage® had not yet been birthed. Yet over fifty-five years later, here we are doing just that—setting aside sacred time to ‘talk to the Animals and/or any other energetic beings we have discovered embodied within us as part of our Companions Suit. 

In this session we will seek lively conversation between our Companions as well as with Neters in our other Suits. My Stag Companion is already dialoging with my Committee’s Pondering Self.  And my Council Goddess Aphrodite has already had a chat with my howling Grey Wolf Companion.  In this workshop, we invite you to engage  in making similar lively connections between and among these precious voices. Let’s see what we can learn together, and oh, ‘what a neat achievement’ it may be!

marianne grabowski portraitMarianne S. Grabowski found SoulCollage® in the midst of the pandemic in 2021, and trained as a Facilitator in 2022. She lives in southern Pennsylvania (USA) with her husband and two furry soul friends, Coco and Charlie. Her immersion into the SoulCollage® practice is a third edition of her vocational life. As a clergy person, licensed mental health counselor, and spiritual director, Marianne has depth of experience in addressing emotional and spiritual concerns with others. She is having the most fun yet with SoulCollage! Marianne is looking forward to supporting your practice in this wonderfully creative way.

Start Times
* 3 pm Eastern
* Check out your time zone here.

If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


Class 6
girl playing with dolphinThe Companions Suit Evolving:
The Suit of Our Embodiment Wisdom
Saturday June 1, 2024
with Anne Marie Bennett & Michaela Daystar

Our own body is our first and greatest Companion; SoulCollage® helps us to listen. SoulCollage® offers pathways into many layers of wisdom contained within our psyche, subconscious and memories.  This journey does not stop in the mind; it expands into our bodies as well.  Through our Companions Suit, we can explore the wisdom contained within our physical bodies: our intuition, energy body, and interconnection with the natural world. When Seena Frost developed the Companions Suit, she provided a beautiful model for conceiving our embodied wisdom through the energetic map of the chakra system woven with the representative Animal energies.  In Michaela’s ten years working with SoulCollage®, alongside training in embodiment practices, other models for working with body-based energies of the Companions Suit evolved in her practice. 

In this class of our Companions Suit Celebration, we’ll explore diverse forms that our Companions cards can take, and experience embodiment-based practices for accessing the wisdom we carry in our bodies, and in relationship with the natural world from which it is made.  Our own body is our first and greatest Companion; SoulCollage helps us to listen.

Michaela Daystar trained as a SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2013 with Seena Frost and Mariabruna Sirabella, and has brought SoulCollage® into myriad spaces from college classrooms, to government agencies.  In every endeavor, she calls on ritual and intimate connection with the natural world to draw participants into our innate ability to connect and collaborate with the Web of Life.  After eleven years serving as Director of the Institute for Civic Leadership at Mills College, Michaela launched her business, HeartScapes, where she teaches and consults with non-profits, universities, and individuals. Understanding that leadership is best practiced from the inside out, she’s drawn to methods that uncover our innate wisdom and creative nature.  Michaela is also trained in the Japanese origins of the system of Reiki through the International House of Reiki, and teaches all levels of Reiki at her wellness studio in Davis, CA, and on-line.

Start Times
* 3 pm Eastern
* Check out your time zone here.

If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.


extra red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp*** SATURDAY  JULY 13 BONUS SESSION ***

As we close our journey with the Companions Suit of Many Colors, we will come together for a special two-hour session with Anne Marie and some of our Facilitators.
This will be a final chance to ask questions, integrate what we’ve learned, share our experience in small groups,
and experience a SoulCollage® card reading that will help us pull all of our wisdom together.

WHEN- Saturday July 13
TIME-    1-3 pm Eastern  Check your time zone here

If you can’t attend one or more classes in person,
you’ll have access to each video recording within 24 hours,
along with any handouts.

Scholarships Deadline: December 15, 2023

In gratitude for how much SoulCollage® has meant in my own life, I am happy to offer FIVE full-tuition scholarships to this series for those who cannot afford the tuition.

Please send me a brief email explaining why you would like to be in The Great Big SoulCollage® Companions Suit Celebration of 2024 online series and why you want to be considered for a scholarship.

Send your request to:
and be sure to put SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.

I will make a numbered list of everyone who applies, and after December 13, I will use the number generator at to choose FIVE SoulCollagers who will be able to attend this online workshop at no cost. You will be notified soon after December 15, either way.
NOTE: No one in the class will know who has received the scholarships or who has applied for the scholarships. This info is just between us.


personal totem pole*** SPECIAL BONUS OFFER ***
Be one of the first TWELVE to register with full payment and you’ll receive a FREE copy of 
The Personal Totem Pole Process
by Elligio Stephen Gallegos. 
248 pages Value: $18.00 
We’ll ship it to you absolutely free
(even if you live in Australia!)
NOTE: This book is NOT required for this class, although you may find it very helpful.


What SoulCollagers Are Saying About Our
Previous KaleidoSoul Zoom
Seven-Month Series:

I loved the entire series. It was well thought-out, organized, and very professional. I felt very safe in a group of like-minded people. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

I really appreciated the weekly engagement emails in between sessions, and the many, many handouts. I felt encouraged to work more consistently with my SoulCollage® cards.

There was a great balance of left brain learning and right brain experiencing.

It was very nice to meet all these beautiful SoulCollagers from all over the world!

I appreciated the immense wisdom that everyone shared. A lot of work was put into the Chakra Extravaganza and the timing was perfect. I also looked forward to the weekly emails of resources and activities to keep the experience going.

Even though I am just starting this series (better late than never), I can sense the powerfulness of the work and the deep connection with myself that it is already providing.

I have discovered lots of great tools for my work as a therapist and coach and also my own healing and growth.

Truly, each guest Facilitator brought their own unique gifts. I loved that there was a variety and not the same Facilitator each month. Anne Marie lended continuity and held it all together beautifully with her opening presentations for each session.

Every session was well-structured. I enjoyed the variety of the presenters and what each one offered.

I really loved meeting and connecting with other SoulCollagers from all over the place! It was wonderful to connect with them in all of the small group breakout sharing sessions.

What was really great was that you gathered together Facilitators with so many different teaching styles. No two sessions were alike!

Thank you for this offering. It was worth every penny as well as the time that I put into watching the videos and doing the “homeplay.”

I had a great time! I will go back to these classes again and learn new things. It’s wonderful that that’s possible.

mind spiritual human head mental health watercolor painting illu

I loved the many different guest Facilitators and the ability to watch the videos later and not have to watch “live.” So much work went into each presentation, that was obvious.

I learned so many new things about my deck that went beyond the topic of the series.

I appreciated the integrity of the environment that was set up for us to go deep, share, feel… I thought that the variety in topic, format, speakers, participants, was helpful. I also liked the time in between Zooms to continue the work with weekly loving email reminders and activities.

It was absolutely amazing how this pulled together so many different aspects, yet it was a cohesive whole.

It has helped me with growing into my own SoulCollage® practice.

I wasn’t able to attend “live,” but I really loved the experience of watching the videos afterwards. I found the speakers all quite wonderful and I got a lot out of each class. It was kindof nice to be able to pause the videos when I needed more time to process the information and guided imagery…etc.

I agree with Ladson Hinton’s premise that we must reconnect our souls with the vitality of nature, and imagining Animals in the chakras helps us to do that.
~ Seena Frost, SoulCollage® Evolving


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You know, people come to therapy really for blessing. 
Not so much to fix what’s broken as to get what’s broken blessed. 
In many cultures animals do the blessing because they are the divinities.   ~  James Hillman