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Issue #52   October, 2009 Theme:  Second Chakra Companions

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of
Hi!  I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage®  facilitator in Massachusetts.  If you're just starting to sing your song with SoulCollage®, this column is especially for you.

Baby Leopard

When Seena Frost created the Companions Suit, she called it the "energetic dimension" of the SoulCollage® Deck. This encompasses two energies: nature's energy, and the body's energy. The way that these two come together is what makes our SoulCollage® work with animal guides unique.

Seena based the foundation of this suit on the work of Stephen Gallegos, author of Personal Totem Pole. If you are interested in more detail about how these two energies come together, I suggest you read his book and/or listen to Seena Frost's CDs: The Companions Suit or her Introduction to SoulCollage® CD.

This month, let's focus on the second chakra, which is the energy center in the human body located in the lower abdomen, about an inch below the navel. This chakra, also called The Sacral Chakra, is focused on creativity, emotions, and sexuality. When this chakra is in healthy functioning mode, we are fully aware of our feelings and are comfortable being emotionally and sexually expressive.

My second chakra companion, Leopard, was one of the last Companions who came to me. I was feeling a bit anxious about this, and one night before sleep, I decided to just ask for it to come forward. I was thinking it might come to me in a dream, but I saw the baby leopard right as I was drifting off to sleep. You can see my Leopard card on my blog, Inner Surprises.

I'd also like to point out here that sometimes, when you are discovering your Companions, you might discover a different element of nature instead. For example, you might "see" the sky, a tree, a flower, a gemstone, a shaft of sunlight, cluster of stars, ice crystals, the ocean, or any other aspect of nature. Allow whatever comes forth to give you its message.

This month why not spend some time focusing on your own Second Chakra? On a scale of 1-10, how in touch with your emotions are you? Are you comfortable expressing yourself sexually? If you feel you need some support in this realm of your body, why not invite your own Second/Sacral Charka Companion to come forward... and watch what happens!

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Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer, self-taught artist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer who trained with Seena Frost. Her background is elementary education, computer software training, writing, and mixed media art. She lives, laughs, writes, and sings (and makes her own SoulCollage® cards!) in Beverly, MA. More of Anne Marie's cards/interpretations are available on her blog, Inner Surprises.

Soul Symphonies with Karen

name is Karen Mann and I'm a SoulCollage® facilitator from Melbourne, Australia. This column is for those of you who have already made some cards & are ready to discover the symphony of voices inside of you and around you. 

How I Found My Second Chakra Companion

My companion animal for my 2nd chakra is a lemur. Now I’m not sure if you know what a lemur is... if you do you’re better off than I was when I “met” my companion animal, because when I discovered this companion for my 2nd Chakra I had no idea what sort of animal she was.

I used Seena Frost’s recorded creative visualisation for finding your companion animals to assist me in discovering which animal was my spokesperson for my 2nd chakra. When I participate in creative visualisations (or guided visualisations/meditations) I often see flashes of images, as though they are on a television screen in my mind. I know that not everyone “sees” images. Some hear things, get a feeling, see a word, or just “know,” but for me, this time, I saw a couple of quick images.

I saw what seemed to be racoon’s face: grey fur, dark rings around its eyes and a striped tail. I also saw some orange arms, swinging through the trees, and I thought perhaps it was an orang-utan. As part of this guided visualisation, Seena encourages you to allow whatever has happened just to be. I wasn’t sure why I was seeing two animals or what wisdom either of them had to share with me, but I let go of these thoughts and let it just be.

After completing this creative visualisation, I wasn’t really sure which animal out of the two I glimpsed was going to be my 2nd chakra companion. I made a conscious choice to allow myself to “not know” and decided to continue with some card making, trusting that eventually, at some stage, the companion animal would become clear to me. In that card making session (the exact same day) I came across an article in a National Geographic magazine about lemurs.

Lemurs are primates (related to monkeys & humans). There are 88 different species of lemur, all found only on the island of Madagascar, and some neighbouring islands, off the coast of Africa. The images that accompanied this article showed one lemur that had black rings around her eyes and a striped tail, and another lemur with orange fur, swinging through the trees (see my card for examples). Once I saw these images, I knew I had found my companion. How this animal, which I had never heard of, appeared in my subconscious is a mystery, but to this day I continue to trust that she has wisdom to share with me.

What I learnt about the lemur (from the article attached to the images) was that the lemur lives in a matriarchal society and that she has evolved into the 88 different species, each of which has specific strengths that allows it to survive in its unique surroundings, which varies from the deep jungle to the desert.

More recently, I discovered a book called KIDS! Indigo Children & Cheeky Monkeys, by Scott Alexander King and Dr. Ralph Ballard. In this book they divide people into 5 monkey archetypes, one of which is the Ring-tailed Lemur, who is included on my SoulCollage card. As I read through this description of what they called the Ring-Tailed Lemur Monkey Archetype I received a great many insights or reminders about my characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. In fact, many sections of this chapter really felt like they were written to provide me with some advice in the here and now.

As I currently struggle to make a decision about leaving my current employment, this description of the Ring-Tailed Lemur Monkey Archetype reminds me to find a career that I really enjoy and that supports my sense of higher purpose. It also reminded me that practicing qigong is a very important way to maintain my energy levels. What is amazing is that I made this SoulCollage card about 5 years ago, which was 3 years before this book was published, and yet it feels as though this card was made to lead me to the advice in this book.

Once again, by trusting the SoulCollage process I have been provided with the support I require at exactly the time I require it. I’m not sure that my “rational mind” would have shown any interest in this book, had it not been for the mention of lemurs that I saw. What an amazing place the world is and how grateful I am to SoulCollage for helping me to navigate it!

P.S. A tip about conducting research on the companion animal you have connected with intuitively is to read any information with an open mind, not accepting the written word as gospel, but only taking on board anything that adds value to your personal experience and understanding an discarding any information that doesn’t ‘sit right’ with you. For example, if you read that a dolphin represents healing, and this seems appropriate to your situation, then maybe you should explore this concept further. However, if you don’t think this applies to your situation, then don’t try and find a way to apply it to your life... just let it go.

Karen Mann is an artist, art teacher, Lifestyle Coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and SoulCollage® facilitator. Karen has been working with SoulCollage® cards for more than four years and facilitates a variety of SoulCollage® Groups. Karen also runs SoulCollage® Facilitator Training weekends. Karen offers regular workshops in Melbourne and Geelong, Australia, and is also available to travel to other regions in Australia. For more information, or to contact Karen, please visit her website, Flying Colours Creativity.


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KaleidoSoul Creations

As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

Each card below is one SoulCollager's expression of their Second Chakra Companions.

Deer - Second Chakra Guide

We are the Ones who live in the Sanctuary of the Wild Areas. We remind you of your Wildness, your instincts. And like you, we too call upon a Higher Power who watches over us. Father Deer. He guides our lives and helps us remain calm when threats enter our lives. We walk softly on Mother Earth, live simply and though fear is a big part of our lives, we trust it to keep us safe. We listen to our bodies, our feelings. We are living extensions of our forest-and-field lives. Our advice to you is to Listen more deeply. Feel your feet on the earth. Pay attention to Mother Earth’s Rhythms and be ever watchful and observant. We will help you.

The Wolf

I am the one who watches and waits for the sun to rise and set in the distance. I am the one who protects you and helps you find your way in life.


I am the one who surges upwards at times, at other times I lurk in the background mysterious but present. My energy is bold like the stripes of my ancestor tigers even though sometimes I'm uncomfortable acknowledging it. When I embrace my sexual and sensual nature I feel more fully alive, and passionate. I leap into life with my whole self.

Second Chakra Snake

I Am One Who symbolizes your ability to transute old emotional patterns into new and positive feelings. I Am One Who links you to the vast power of your emotions. I Am One Whose coiled strength reminds you of how sinous and tenacious feelings can be. I Am One Who can tap the power of volcanic emotions and lash out suddenly.

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