Fall in love with yourself one SoulCollage® Card at a time!

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training- Westfield MA

September 13-17, 2017

Genesis Retreat Center
Westfield, Massachusetts

with Anne Marie Bennett & Jeanne Marie Merkel

Have you been practicing SoulCollage® for your own personal enrichment and now want to share it with a workshop center, women’s circle, professional group, classroom or church?

Are you a coach, art therapist, spiritual director, or other helping professional looking for a creative tool to help your clients tap into their intuition and inner wisdom?

If you answered yes, then please join us for this exciting, challenging and fun adventure…. the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Weekend!

Candid Comments from Recent Trainees

This Training Is For You If You:

  • are interested in forming a new SoulCollage® group
  • want to introduce SoulCollage® in an already established group (such as a church group, woman’s group, senior group, hospice network, educational class…etc.)
  • want to use this simple art technique in connection with other kinds of groups, classes, or workshops
  • are a therapist or art therapist who is attracted to learning more about how to use SoulCollage® for healing, therapeutic purposes
  • are a minister/spiritual guide of any faith who wants to facilitate SoulCollage® in your ministry and use it to build community
  • are a teacher, artist, administrator, workshop facilitator, mother-daughter team leader, social worker, Scout leader, nurse, dream group leader, or anyone interested in personal growth or the healing arts

Participants make cards, share cards, and use their own processes as teaching examples for the group in learning how to facilitate SoulCollage® work.

We learn how to do “readings” which use our own intuition to deepen self-knowledge. We learn creative applications and how to adapt the process to different populations. We work towards constructing a plan that fits participants intended uses of the technique.

Training participants network with each other and share how to adapt the SoulCollage® process to their clientele.

No degree or other credentialing is needed to register for this course other than enthusiasm for the process and its use in one’s own life. These are the chief criteria for participation in the training.

Meet Your Trainers

img_2411Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer, self-taught artist, experienced SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer of Facilitators who trained directly with Seena Frost. She has a BS degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State University and has taught children, teens and adults throughout the East Coast. Her workshop and retreat participants flourish as she gently guides them through the process of self-discovery while encouraging playful, creative self-expression with a joyful, open heart.

She has been a SoulCollage Facilitator since 2005 and a Facilitator Trainer since 2007.  Together with Jeanne Marie (see below), she has birthed over 225 Facilitators from 22 states and 3 countries into the world!

She passionately believes that we are all lit from within… and that SoulCollage® helps to remove the shadows from our souls so that we can be our true, radiant, authentic selves. Anne Marie lives, laughs, loves, writes, sings (and makes her own SoulCollage® cards!) in Beverly, MA.

Jeanne Marie Merkel completed the SoulCollage® facilitator training with Seena Frost in June of 2004.

She is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in NY City, and is a life-long student of Psychology, Spirituality and Creativity. She currently works as a Retreat and Workshop facilitator, and does Spiritual Counseling and Rites of Passage, as well as SoulCollage® Workshops.

She is passionate about integrating Ritual into SoulCollage® work.  She is the founding director of Anam Cara Spiritual Visioning Network on Long Island, NY.

She is the mother of 3 grown daughters, and a grandmother, and takes great joy in nurturing spiritual growth and soul friendship in open-hearted community.

She has been assisting Anne Marie with the New England SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings since 2007.  Together they have birthed over 250 Facilitators into the world, from 24 states and 3 countries!

To read more about Jeanne Marie’s background, philosophy, and spiritual offerings, please visit her website, Anam Cara Center.


Why People Become Facilitators

facilitatingOver the years we have heard many reasons why people have been drawn to train as a SoulCollage® Facilitator. Not everyone who attends a Training always fits neatly into one of these categories, but in addition to enthusiasm for one’s personal experience of making and using SoulCollage® cards, these are the reasons that are most often shared with us:

1. Non-artists struggling to express their longing to be creative appreciate that there is no wrong or right way in SoulCollage®; the process is simple, fun and profound. Anyone able to manage scissors and glue can create beautiful cards and enjoy sharing them with others.

2. Therapists, counselors, nurses and other helping professionals find a creative way to work with their clients that goes beyond words and concepts, one that provides direct experiential access to intuition, insight and transformation.

3. Healers and people seeking to heal see in SoulCollage® a gentle yet deep self-care method that reveals their inner guidance by exploring and “becoming” images and by using their cards to do SoulCollage® readings.

4. Artists interested in bringing a new dimension to their art find a spiritually-infused process that they can share with others, a creative threshold to surprising revelations, greater self-understanding and the enriching acceptance of the light and shadow at play in our lives.

5. Anyone who values participating in and building learning communities based on mutual respect, support, and a commitment to care for self and others are drawn to learn and share SoulCollage®.

6. People looking for a way to give back to their communities, families, friends, children, church groups, women’s/men’s groups, hospices and other organizations see SoulCollage® as an opportunity to support the growth and well-being of others and themselves.

7. Individuals seeking spiritual renewal and a creative way to access their deeper guidance and wisdom.


kripalu-reading-2Certificate of Completion

After participating and completing all sessions of the Training, participants receive a certificate of completion conferring the right to use the name “SoulCollage®” in the title of their groups or workshops and to call themselves “SoulCollage® Facilitators.” There is no SoulCollage® “Certification.” It is not possible in one weekend “certify” anyone. Certification trainings are traditionally a much longer educational and apprenticing process. What we do offer is continuing connection with the SoulCollage® Facilitator Community worldwide which provides networking and education after the Training through online courses, conferences, retreats, web resources, online and regional groups, and in some cases, individual support through correspondence.


Preparation and Prerequisites

kripalu-reading-1Please prepare for the training by:

  • Reading Seena’s book SoulCollage Evolving
  • Listening to her two CDs (one is an Introduction to SoulCollage with a guided meditation, the other is called Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups)
  • Attending an Intro to SoulCollage® class, either locally with a trained facilitator OR online here
  • Reading and familiarizing yourself with the Principles of SoulCollage®
  • Making a few cards in each suit for your own SoulCollage® deck (this is important so that you can gain experience with your own card-making before learning how to facilitate the process with others)

These preparations are important so that you can gather experience from your own card-making process before working with others who are learning to make cards.

We also request that participants bring all of their SoulCollage® cards when they come to the training weekend.

To receive a certificate of completion a participant must attend and complete ALL sessions of this training.

Persons who complete the SoulCollage® training will receive a Certificate of Completion and may use the SoulCollage® trademark in doing individual or group work according to the Principles of SoulCollage.

What the Facilitator Training Covers

Anne Marie Bennett (assisted by Jeanne Marie Merkel) will teach using her extensive experience of facilitating SoulCollage® in groups since 2005. This training includes:

  • How to create a safe, supportive environment where workshop attendees are empowered to trust their intuition and explore their own stories
  • Various ways to facilitate card-making so that the experience of SoulCollage® is fun, joyful and healing for all participants
  • Written and oral exercises to use with groups and individuals to help them deepen their understanding of their cards, and to enhance their relationship with their Deck
  • Ideas for facilitating SoulCollage® card readings
  • Examples of how to encourage card makers without being judgmental
  • Participation in several rituals throughout the weekend that help us to create sacred space during SoulCollage® workshops, retreats, and individual practice
  • A variety of formats for leading introductory workshops and discussions of ways to adapt the process for specific audiences and groups
  • Help with posting your facilitator bio and workshops on the SoulCollage® website
  • Connection to many resources available to our several hundred SoulCollage® facilitators worldwide
  • In-depth review of the SoulCollage® Principles and copyright issues, as well as the ethics of being a Facilitator of this wonderful process
  • Follow-up support from Anne Marie Bennett and Jeanne Marie Merkel

Feedback from Previous
New England Training Participants

I feel completely prepared to be a SoulCollage® Facilitator.  I have experienced it personally and now feel totally trained to bring it out into the world to benefit others. I can’t wait to get started! — Carol, New York

Your attention to detail and hospitality to make us all feel welcome was greatly appreciated.  I was highly appreciative of the thorough handouts, visuals and keeping to the schedule as well as all the personal touches you both put into the training and making sure our questions were answered.  You both definitely set the bar high as an example of what top notch facilitators should be in this work and I feel blessed to have gone through this experience and met you both.  I very much enjoyed the training and am excited about my journey with SoulCollage®.  — Tracy, Connecticut

Anne Marie organized this Training in an impeccable way.  I have attended many leadership trainings, and countless other retreats and conferences.  This BY FAR was the clearest and most complete training I’ve ever been to.  Anne Marie is uber-organized AND she keeps her heart open the whole time.  — Susan, Maine

I have learned so much more about the SoulCollage® process through this Training.  My understanding is much clearer than when I just read the book and listened to the CDs.  The community and Anne Marie and Jeanne Marie really pulled it all together for me.  The “Designing a SoulCollage Workshop” session gave us the nuts and bolts to go along with this amazing process, and made me believe it can be a reality for me.  — Debbi, Massachusetts

I have attended many trainings and certifications in Holistic Nursing, Healing Touch, and most recent, my certification in Guided Imagery. The weekend that you put together was  one of the most powerful I have ever attended.  I did not know what to expect and arrived open to anything.  I left with so much more.  I achieved clarity and validation, but most of all, I am committed to  integrating SoulCollage into my practice. — Sandy, New York

I now feel clear, competent and confident about bringing SoulCollage® to others. The training clarified questions and issues around group practice, helped me with business considerations and provided the sharing that SoulCollage® is all about. — Kate, Massachusetts

I enjoyed the rituals which created immediate community, and the small group experiences which created intimacy. — Carol in Tennessee

I’ve gained an excellent overview of the process of SoulCollage® and of facilitating workshops, as well as gained tremendous resources and tools! I feel very supported and encouraged. I plan to apply what I have learned for my own personal growth and creative practice, as well as to facilitate workshops in my area. I am ready now! — Lisa, Massachusetts

I appreciate the balance and flexibility of Anne Marie & Jeanne Marie in sharing personal experience while holding space and at the same time organizing time constraints and the physical needs of the group. — Darcy, California

What a heartwarming, connecting experience to join this wonderful group of women for this training! — Karen, New York

I felt accepted in the group from the start and that helped me to relax right away. I am ready to go home and build a woman’s SoulCollage® group. — Christine, Montreal

I have gained confidence that this process is a perfect path for me now. It integrates perfectly with the many skills, desires and gifts that I already have. — Maggie, New Hampshire

All the rituals were very powerful. The closing circle was simply profound and I will carry that with me always. — Julie, Ohio

What did I gain? Friends… inspiration… nourishment… adventure… focus… joy. — Heather, Ontario

I feel very blessed and grateful! A door has been opened for me, and I am ready to run through it! — Nici, Connecticut

Your program for our training was seamless which gave us the opportunity to learn to be a SoulCollage® facilitator and for myself gain greater awareness of my personal and professional path.   — Nancy, Maine

I’ve gained practical ideas, support, practice, confidence and inspiration.  I was inspire by your way with words and the grace with which you modeled this work.  I plan to create workshops wherever I can!  — Joanna, Pennsylvania

Your Investment

The training fee includes:

  • 4 nights lodging at Genesis Retreat Center (see below)
  • 12 meals
  • tea, coffee, water & snacks
  • all training sessions, beginning at 6  pm on Wednesday and ending at 1 pm on Sunday

    21 happy new facilitators (September 2015) at Genesis

    21 happy new facilitators (September 2015) at Genesis

  • all materials, including lots of blank cards and an abundance of images
  • a year’s membership in the International SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Circle
  • subscription to the SoulCollage® Facilitator monthly e-newsletter (the Neter Letter)
  • an invitation to join the collaborative SoulCollage® Facilitator list serve (Yahoo group)
  • follow up support from Anne Marie and Jeanne Marie and local regional facilitator groups



genesis wideGenesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center offers hospitality to persons of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles. They are committed to designing and hosting programs that foster holistic integration of body, mind and spirit. The Genesis logo, a tree, reflects the belief that creation is ongoing and that each person always has the possibility of new beginnings in life and prayer.

Set on 19 scenic wooded acres in Westfield, Massachusetts (very close to Springfield), Genesis offers peace and tranquility, wooded walks, natural landscapes and peaceful blooming gardens, along with comfortable lodging, lots of enticing artsy nooks and crannies, and delicious home-cooked meals.

As soon as you drive through the gates, you’ll breathe a deep sigh of relief as peaceful energy envelops and awakens your soul.

All rooms at Genesis are private, although you will be sharing a bathroom with a few others.

Click here for Directions and general info about Genesis.




SoulCollage Inc. (Provider #133654) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for California licensed LMFTs, MCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs. SoulCollage Inc. maintains responsibility for this program/course and its content.

The ATCB (Art Therapy Credentials Board) has for a long time accepted SoulCollage® Institute and SoulCollage® Facilitator Training CEUs for continuing education credit for ATR-BCs, because these courses were accepted for continuing education credits by the California Board of Behavior Sciences mental health licensure board. Participants who need CEUs for ATR-BC licenses, please check with the ATCB.

For those Boards who may not be familiar with SoulCollage® and its therapeutic benefits, we offer the following supplemental information: DOWNLOAD PDF of general information about the therapeutic benefits of and the content of the SoulCollage® Training or DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER about the theoretical basis and therapeutic elements of the SoulCollage® method.



Cancellation Policy

A full refund, less a $75 processing fee, will be given at the cancellation of a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training registration as long as the cancellation is received up to one month prior to the training.

No refund or credit is given for cancellations made with less than one month notice, if you fail to attend, or if you leave the event early, unless someone is able to take your place at short notice from our waiting list.

You might be able to apply a partial credit toward another SoulCollage® Facilitator Training led by Anne Marie Bennett within the next 12 months.



Differently-Abled Participant Information

Please ask the Trainer about how it may be possible to accommodate special needs in a particular Training and its setting. Most public retreat or hotel facilities in the U.S. are accessible to those with physical mobility issues.

It is important that a participant is able to be present for, participate in, and complete all sessions in the Training. The few days are packed with exercises and information in order to make the Training financially accessible to more people, and this can sometimes be arduous, especially for people who are challenged in terms of energetic stamina. There is a lot of sitting, some movement exercises (which could be modified), and dyadic and group sharing. 

One deaf participant brought her own translator for whom she paid the fee and the shared accommodations fee. Several have been able to bring their service dogs to Trainings. Many have been able to participate in and complete the Training while in wheelchairs or on crutches.


Other Helpful Information

*** This intimate and unique training experience is limited to 24 SoulCollagers, so sign up soon! Your space is reserved as soon as you make your first payment.

*** Our Opening Circle will start promptly at 7 p.m. on Wednesday September 13.  Dinner at 6 pm on Wednesday is included in your Training fee.  The Training will end on Sunday September 17 after lunch at 1:30 pm.

*** Genesis Retreat Center gladly accommodates special dietary needs. We will be sending you a questionnaire sometime in July for you to let us know this information.

*** The full amount is non-refundable after August 10, 2017, unless we can fill your space with someone from our waiting list.

*** If you are flying in to this Training, you should fly into Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut. If you’d like to be put in contact with other SoulCollagers who might be flying in at the same time as you, please contact Anne Marie by using the Contact button on the top menu bar.


Registration Information

Payment Option #1- Pay in full

SINGLE ROOM/shared bath

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Payment Option #2-  Smaller Monthly Payments







Payment Option #3- Check/Money Order

Please contact Anne Marie for information about paying with check or money order,
OR if you have any questions.

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