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Issue #167   May 2019 Theme:  Witness

Greetings, and welcome to Soul Songs, the official KaleidoSoul Newsletter, and the only monthly newsletter that focuses exclusively on SoulCollage® ideas, resources and artists.

Our intention is to fill each issue (and your life) with inspiration, soul-solace and delight. Whether you are new to SoulCollage®, or already immersed in the creation of your deck, Soul Songs is for you.

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® facilitator in Massachusetts. If you're just starting to sing your song with SoulCollage®, this column is especially for you.

I am taking this month off from essay writing and encourage you to spend some serious time with Marti Beddoe’s essay on Witness Energy, below.

Anne Marie Bennett is a SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer, published author, website goddess, and two-time cancer survivor who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with web technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband and two adolescent felines who keep them hopping. Anne Marie’s books about SoulCollage® are available here.


Working with the Inner Critic:
Using EFT Tapping to Harness
and Transform Those Critical Inner Voices

60 Minute SoulCollage® Zoom Video Class
with SoulCollage® Facilitator
Suzan Thompson from Virginia

Wednesday May 15, 2019 @ 1pm EST

This session will include a brief introduction to EFT Tapping as well as strategies for working with the Inner Critic cards in your SoulCollage deck. It'll help to have at least one card to work from; if you don't already, then choose an image to represent a critical inner voice. We will use EFT Tapping to discover how to harness the energy of these Neters and learn from their wisdom. (For an introduction to EFT Tapping, visit The Tapping Solution.

Easily Accessible from Anywhere in the World!

Visit this page for more info now.

Guest Columnist: Marti Beddoe

Dear SoulCollage® Friends, Happy Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Fall in the Southern Hemisphere! I’m Marti Beddoe from Naperville, Illinois, a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007. It’s been a joy to share my reflections on the the State of Being Called Witness and the practices to sustain it. My commitment in the SoulSongs columns is to share what I’ve learned about ways to sustain lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty.

The State of Being Called Witness

Dear Friends,

I am so happy to write on the vital theme of Witness. Though I did not know its name at the time, the second SoulCollage® card I made in 2005 was the Transpersonal Card, Witness!


Witness, along with Source and SoulEssence are the three silent Transpersonal cards that Seena Frost writes about in her book SoulCollage® Evolving. “Witness” Neters can also be found in the Committee Suit where it could manifest as the Observer part of the personality. In the Companion Suit, many animals are associated with Witness energy. Witness is also represented in the fifth chakra of communication and in the sixth chakra of the “third eye” where Seena Frost says, “…we are able to step back into our Observer self.” I’m sure your Community Suits have members who powerfully reflect the witnessing energy. You’ll also find plenty of archetypal representatives among your Council Suit cards.

In today’s column, I’d like to focus on the State of Being called Witness or what some call Witness Consciousness. I call this energy ‘vital’ because of how it completely transforms one's life. The disciplined spiritual practice of Witness has made all the difference in my life and creative journey. Activating the Witness has provided the objectivity and insight required for wisdom to flourish. It has gradually liberated me from a soul-killing dependence upon others for answers or approval and healed me from a lifelong toxic self-criticism.

Most meditation/creativity teachers suggest you cultivate the Observer practice. (Over time, the Observer practice leads to the state of being called Witness Consciousness.) Like most profound acts, it’s simple. When you wake in the morning and before sleep, imagine activating a cobalt-blue light a few feet above your head. This blue light is like a video camera silently recording everything, without judging, analyzing or interpreting. You are training the mind to observe as a neutral witness.

"Isn't that interesting?" is the only response allowed to what the mind is observing. After a while, you will observe some fascinating patterns of thought, speech and behavior! You will naturally stop identifying with these patterns. You will embrace your SoulEssence. Then, over time you will have the power to change what no longer brings you happiness.

On page 19 of SoulCollage® Evolving, Seena describes the value of the Observer Neter. It will also be useful when you follow her guidance in chapter 9 about working with the Shadowed Side of the Neters. She strongly recommends you create your own Protector card before you do any shadow-work with your deck. When I do shadow-work, I bring out my Observer card to partner with the Protector Neter.

The Observer (Committee Suit)

Thanks to the ongoing Observer/Witness meditation practice, I can regard my creations/situations without the previously overwhelming interference of the Neters of Critic, Judge, and my conflicted Virgonian mind. Standing firmly grounded in the neutral place of Witness/Observer has allowed genuine healing and integrating of body, mind and spirit. Because Witness Consciousness helps remove my personality's blinders, I am able to see more clearly when I am trapped into constrictive patterns such as people-pleasing. Witness reveals my own truth, and encourages me to speak from it. Witness has illuminated the profound truth that I am the greatest authority in my own life about my own life!

In my SoulCollage® Circles, we do our best to practice the state of being called Witness. This means that, as women together, we agree to live from a different, sometimes uncomfortable, social norm. We agree to not comment on each other’s cards. We acknowledge that Praise and Criticism are two sides of the Coin of Evaluation. Each woman agrees to trust her own intuitive wisdom about the message and meaning of her cards. Instead of commenting, we witness the mystery of our creations. In reverent silence, we give each other the rare, empowering gift of our rapt, wordless attention. I believe the Witness practice is a major factor in the longevity of my monthly peer circle that began in 2005 and is still going strong in 2019.

Practice: Take out your journal and deck. From each of the four Suits, pull cards that show the Witness energy.
  • What patterns do you observe? Turn the cards face down and shuffle them.
  • At random, choose 3 pairs of 2 cards each. Invite them to teach you more about witnessing.
  • Ask each card in the pair to share what it observes about the other.
  • Make notes in your journal.
  • Try an experiment in practicing the Witness. Starting on the next New Moon (May 4) and going until the following New Moon (June 3), commit to activating the Witness symbol of the cobalt-blue light. Record its observations for that month. Remember, no judging, analyzing or interpreting. The only response is: “Isn’t that interesting?”
  • What cards are missing from your deck that would support you to practice Witness Consciousness? Have you made the Transpersonal Witness? How about the Committee Observer card?
I invite you to subscribe to my Contemplating the Beauty of ...essays.  In the May 11 essay, I will reflect more about the healing power of Witnessing and how it may be applied to our culture’s hyper-critical social media circus.

May you find Joy in practicing the Witness/Observer. May the wisdom you discover, like the practices of SoulCollage® and meditation, change your world for the better, dear friends!

Love, Marti

Since 2007, Marti Beddoe has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator and meditation teacher in the Kriya Yoga lineage. She is Founder of Designs for Peace, a service offering practices to support lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty. Her monthly essays, “Contemplating the Beauty of…”, consider the mysterious Beauty of various Neters. You may Subscribe here at the bottom of this page. You'll receive a fr*ee Harmony Self-Assessment. Marti facilitates Walking the Beauty Way Retreats and would be delighted to bring one to your area. Find out more here! She invites you to contact her at
KaleidoSoul Creations
As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

Each card below is a card from one SoulCollager's Deck that represents Witness.


Transpersonal Card

(The Transpersonal cards do not speak with the voice of I Am the One Who...)

Transpersonal Card

(The Transpersonal cards do not speak with the voice of I Am the One Who...)


Transpersonal Card
United Kingdom

(The Transpersonal cards do not speak with the voice of I Am the One Who...)

Transpersonal Card
Anne Marie

(The Transpersonal cards do not speak with the voice of I Am the One Who...)

Council Suit
Montreal, Canada

I am one who knows we are vibrational beings, Go above and beyond the thinking mind. Become the silent witness, the observer of the thoughts. To get out of the addiction of the monkey mind, focus on your body, your breath, feel the aliveness in your cells, be here now, alert like the bunny. We are not our name, our story, our personality, our flaws, our history… ‘Know thyself’ is to meet this deeper “I,” to perceive the present moment from this place of knowing, who we are at our core, that is Presence with a capital P.

Transpersonal Card
Quebec, Canada

(The Transpersonal cards do not speak with the voice of I Am the One Who...)

A Watchful Eye
Council Suit

I am one who keeps a watchful eye on things. I am one who is keeping an eye on the time and on the times. I am one who observes with a keen eye. I am one who is bright-eyed, sharp-eyed, eagle-eyed, calm and alert.

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with Audrey Chowdhury

Virtual SoulCollage® Retreat-
Exploring Your Ancestry

Saturday June 8, 2019

Please join us for another AMAZING
KaleidoSoul SoulCollage®
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For four hours we’ll gather together via an easy-to-click-and-access Zoom VIDEO conference link where we can actually see each other.   How fun will that be?!?!

(You can also call in via phone while looking at the screen).

Even if you know nothing about them, your ancestors are a tremendous resource for you, and they are just waiting for you to ask them for guidance and information about who and where you come from. Through Audrey’s work as an art therapist and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer, she has been surprised and delighted to find that our ancestors love to speak to us through creative processes.

In this community video experience, we will play with ways to get in touch with those who came before us. We will be tapping into this great well of wisdom and experience through processes that use your creative imagination.

We will travel to the ancestral realm using guided imagery, SoulCollage®, and intuitive writing.

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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training


Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 3 – 7, 2019
Trainer: Jennifer Boire
Assisted by: Christine Larose

If you love SoulCollage® and would like to share it with others, come train as a Facilitator this summer at Villa St Martin, Pierrefonds (Montreal), Quebec. The Facilitator Training is different from a SoulCollage® retreat or workshop, even though in both settings a participant may experience deep personal process. La présentation de la formation est en anglais, mais facilitatrice Christine Larose sera présente pour aider des francophones. Prerequisites are listed on the website. Keep in mind that registration fees on website are in Canadian dollars, not American.

Visit this page for more information. 



Estes Park, Colorado
August 5-9, 2019
Trainer: Marcia Chadly
Assisted by: Laura Lyon

 Majestic mountains and whispering cool mountain air are waiting for you at this special SoulCollage® Facilitator Training. You are invited to join us this August at the peaceful Dao House retreat center nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Pay in full before April 1st and you’ll receive an early bird gift worth $90. Combining your Training with a vacation is a fabulous idea. Colorado is filled with beauty and great things to do. You are welcome to bring someone with you who is not part of the Training. Remember Facilitators who are retraining get fresh inspiration and a special discount!

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Upcoming SoulCollage® Retreats


Mining the Mother Lode with SoulCollage®
Westfield, Massachusetts
May 10-12, 2019
Facilitator: Anne Boedecker, Gail Byrnes

Mother’s Day offers us the opportunity to explore both the personal aspects of our relationships as mothers and/or daughters and the transpersonal archetype of the Mother. Using the myth of Demeter and Persephone we will delve into the archetypes of Maiden, Mother and Crone, examining their light and shadow sides. These will provide a container for investigating the nature of our own relationships with older and younger women. We’ll be using SoulCollage, film clips and shamanic journeying to deepen our understanding and expression of these elements. You’ll be able to share your cards and journaling in small groups in as much depth as you wish. This retreat is not for mothers only! It will be, however, a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day with (or without) your own mother, daughter, and/or granddaughter.

Visit this page for more information. 


Portugal as Portal to Presence
Cascais, Portugal
May 20-26, 2019
Facilitators: Linda Woolfson, Catherine Anderson

Join SoulCollage® Trainers Catherine Anderson and Linda Woolfson on a pilgrimage of creative pleasure and discovery in Portugal next spring! Our inspiring blend of photography, journaling, word-play, poetry, SoulCollage® and labyrinth activities will encourage you to access the full vibrancy of your creative soul as we explore the wild and beautiful coastline, visit Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra, eat fabulous food and connect with the real Portugal which most tourists never experience. Book your place now!

USA SoulCollagers: Visit this page for more information.
SoulCollagers Everyone Else: Visit this page for more information.  


Solstice Soul Renewal with SoulCollage®
Detroit, Oregon
June 9-12, 2019
Facilitator: Glenda Goodrich, Ann Christensen

Join us at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center, a magical place of spiritual renewal with old growth forests, mineral horizon springs, yoga, massage and nourishing food. Truly a gift to yourself. What is your soul longing for? Let the magic of SoulCollage® deepen your presence with your longing and knowing. Solstice is a time to awaken the luminosity within you. Play in the pure joy of creating personal collages. Heighten self-discovery through journaling, meditation, sound, labyrinth walking, community, and time in nature.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Visit this page for more information. (Scroll down ‘til you see Glenda’s name.)


SoulCollage® Soul Journey Retreat
Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 4-8, 2019
Facilitator: Deborah Milosevich

Join other kindred spirits for a SoulCollage® Soul Journey at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent and Retreat Center, nestled in the pinion-covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains. During this retreat, you will create or add to your own unique deck of SoulCollage® cards, do readings and share insights, create a small tin shrine in honor of someone you love or want to honor, have continuous access to the card making tables, experience the charming town of Santa Fe, and have the opportunity to take great hikes and star gaze at night. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent and Retreat Center is the perfect place to reflect and connect with spirit.

Visit this page for more information. 


Creative Vision: Art Retreat
Sedona, Arizona
September 16-22, 2019
Facilitator: Kat Kirby

Are you wishing for some creative zest in your life but don’t know where to find it? Would you love to spend time in nature and recharge your batteries? Do you feel you might benefit from some “Me Time” with a bunch of art supplies and like-minded women? Then come join me in the red rock landscape of Sedona, and rediscover your creativity. Explore the area, explore art-making, and explore your Self. This retreat is designed to invigorate your artistic senses and help you find new ways to relax and renew. From art journal making, to stamp carving, to SoulCollage®, your imagination and “inner artist” will delight you!

Visit this page for more information. 


Vibrant Woman SoulCollage® Retreat
Alentejo, Portugal
September 30 – October 6, 2019
Facilitator: Linda Woolfson, Lucy Schaaphok

Are you exhausted too often? Thirsty for new inspiration? Longing for an indulgent yet fulfilling break? Eager to connect with yourself in some new and replenishing ways? Let our inspiring blend of SoulCollage®, Yoga Nidra, chakra exploration, beach-time, coast -walks, star-gazing and delicious local food in an unspoiled natural environment work its magic on you. Reconnect with your joyful spirit, renew your relationship with yourself, celebrate your sensuality, dive into your creativity and transform your self-care in new ways. Join us for a relaxing yet transformational week on the wild Alentejo coast of Portugal. Unwind and reconnect with your soul!

Visit this page for more information.


Women Who Run to the Stones
Bangor, Pennsylvania
October 11-13, 2019
Facilitator: Marci Wenn, Maryann Frantz

Join a group of Outlandish women for a SoulCollage® weekend and embrace the Myth and Mystery of the standing stones at Columcille Megalith Park, a place where curious travelers can transcend time and place and discover their personal Outlander Wild Woman archetype. Ample time will be allotted for personal exploration of the grounds. Using the standing stones as a portal, we will explore several techniques during our card making that help us recreate our own personal journey to our Wild Woman nature. Enriching this experience will be exploration of the Labyrinth, storytelling, drumming and yoga movement.

Visit this page for more info.
The registration form with payment info is here.



Return to Avalon - Goddess Retreat
Glastonbury, England
April 25 – May 8, 2020
Facilitator: Cat Caracelo

Join Cat in 2020 as she travels to a place of myth and memories, where the landscape is a mirror of the Soul. Return to Avalon at Beltane, honoring the goddess at May Day festivities! Experience a dynamic, heart-centered time of renewal, discovery, depth and connection. Join with kindred women to embrace this sacred place, staying in a restored farmhouse, with two homes, orchard, view of the Tor and spa on site! Journey to sacred sites, explore the earth-based energies, honor the Goddess and make inspired art with SoulCollage® and more, in this all-inclusive retreat to Glastonbury, England and surrounding areas.

Visit this page for more information. 

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