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Issue #117   March 2015 Theme:  Community Suit - Sacred Places

Greetings, and welcome to Soul Songs, the official KaleidoSoul Newsletter, and the only monthly newsletter that focuses exclusively on SoulCollage® ideas, resources and artists.

Our intention is to fill each issue (and your life) with inspiration, soul-solace and delight. Whether you are new to SoulCollage®, or already immersed in the creation of your deck, Soul Songs is for you.

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® facilitator in Massachusetts. If you're just starting to sing your song with SoulCollage®, this column is especially for you.

Kripalu is My Sacred Place

It may surprise some of you to know that we place cards representing sacred places in the Community Suit. Usually, we think of the Community Suit as being full of people we have known and loved through the years, as well as beloved pets who have touched our lives. I recently asked Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage® and author of SoulCollage Evolving, and here is what she said:
Early in my collecting of ideas for the Neter Card suits (that was before the name became the SoulCollage® process) I was at a favorite place of mine, Tassajara Hot Springs. I realized I wanted a card for this sacred place, and not just for the Buddhist teachers there. So, where should such places go in a deck? A suit of their own? This could get unwieldy. No, best to put them in with special people, the Community suit. In a way, they have special energies much like a person. And I could put a person on the card too, but mainly the place is the Neter.

The very first "sacred place" card I made is for Kripalu, yoga retreat center in western Massachusetts (see above). I first attended a retreat there in the 80’s and have been going there for rest, renewal and inspiration ever since. I don’t know how to explain it, but from the very first time I stepped through the front doors, I felt at home there. I still feel that way, thirty years later, even though the buildings have undergone many changes and renovations, and the leadership has changed several times as well. I have experienced much spiritual and personal inner growth within Kripalu’s walls and my heart simply sings whenever I plan another visit!

I invite you this month to take some quiet time and look back on your own life. Identify some of your sacred places over the years; listen to what wisdom they have to share with you. Make a card to identify at least one of them.

Anne Marie Bennett is a writer, self-taught artist, website goddess, cancer survivor, and SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with Internet technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband, an elderly dog and two adolescent felines who keep them all young. You can read more about how SoulCollage® assisted her on her cancer journey on her website SOS Cancer Journeys.

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Guest Columnist: Catherine Anderson

My name is Catherine Anderson and I'm a SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer from Charlotte, NC. I am delighted to be adding my voice to Soul Songs and hope that my words inspire you to look more deeply into your deck of SoulCollage® cards.

Places of the Heart

What are Sacred Places? They are places of inspiration, enlightenment and healing. They can be pilgrimage sites visited by thousands of people each day, and they can be special places in nature that have meaning for you alone. You will know a sacred place by the feeling of expansion you feel when you are there, the feeling that you are part of something larger than yourself. I believe that we ourselves can invest a place that has special meaning for us with a sense of the sacred through our intentions and our prayers.

Sacred places are often places of natural beauty. Ancient communities who were connected to the subtle energies of a place were able to detect the invisible fields of energy in the earth, and used these places for healing ceremonies. These places of power became places for worship and often temples were built where these healing ceremonies had taken place. Over many years the focused prayers and intentions of pilgrims have endowed these places with a sacred energy that draws others to the place. Sacred places feel like places where we can access the energy of transformation and illumination.

Some of the Sacred Place cards in my SoulCollage® community suit are places that were an important part of my life, which will always be embedded in my soul. They are places where I feel more closely connected to my SoulEssence. Your sacred places might be a tree in your yard, a park where you walk, or it may be one of the well-known destinations around the world like Glastonbury or the red rocks of Sedona. If we can endow a place with a feeling of sacredness, you might consider your own home as a sacred place. Might this change the way you feel about it?

Many well-known places call to me. I have been fortunate enough to visit a number of them, and I have made cards for both Lourdes and Chartres in France.

But the places that are embedded in my soul as most sacred to me personally are places of memory, places whose names are unfamiliar to most. One of these is Tongaat Beach, South Africa, a place where I spent many happy hours playing with my young children in the sand and listening to the sound of the Indian Ocean. It is the place I return to in my mind when I am looking for calm.

Very different from this is the city of Chartres which calls me back again and again. Here I feel connected to an ancient wisdom. I am visiting Chartres for the fifth time this year. It is not only the labyrinth in the ancient Cathedral that seems to magnetize me back each time, but the place itself. You can see my SoulCollage® card for Chartres above.

What places call out to you? Where do you feel an expansion of spirit? Is it among ancient ruins, towering cathedrals, redwood forests, open fields and skies? Where are your sacred places? I highly encourage you to make SoulCollage® cards to represent those places that touch your soul, as places have the power to alter the way you see your life and connect you to the wider world.

Catherine Anderson is author of The Creative Photographer, Collage Imagery, Journaling the Labyrinth Path and is a SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainer, and an advanced Labyrinth Facilitator. In addition to teaching in the USA, Catherine leads creative pilgrimages to Italy, France and Ireland. Catherine's website is


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KaleidoSoul Creations
As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

Each card below is a card that represents Community Suit - Sacred Places from one SoulCollager's Deck.

Santa Fe
Community Suit

I am one who smells of sage and burning piñon pine. I offer creative comfort and renewal. I am a place of sun and healing waters, I restore your balance.

Love in Monument Valley
Community Suit

I am the one who is the iconic image of the American West. I stand here to remind you of the hundreds of millions of years that it has taken to create me. I am sacred land not only to the Navajo Nation, but to all who visit me. I astound and inspire with my majestic beauty.

Community Suit

I am the mystical Isle of Avalon, where a Mother Goddess cult once thrived, before being lost in the mists of time to a masculine worldview. Some say Avalon never existed, but your pagan soul knows otherwise. Haunting legends of the storied characters that walked its sacred paths still reverberate in you. Your mind’s eye sees Priestess Morgaine, purple-garbed and crescent-crowned, guiding her silent barge to and from Avalon’s shore, her path illumined by the Goddess’ eternal flame. The gifts of Avalon—feminine wisdom, healing, secrets of an ancient matriarchy, Goddess energy—await you here. The Goddess calls you to bring her back to awareness.

Sacred Temple
Community Suit

I am One who is the Sacred Temple. All is peace here. The temple holds no answers, it walks among you, offering healing. Open to my healing, and be transformed.

Genesis Retreat Center
Community Suit

I am the one who welcomes people of all faiths to come here and discover more about who they are as a unique person and creation of the Divine Spirit. I am the one who provides sacred space for safe exploration and discovery. I am the one who has created a place of beauty and joy and peace, providing places and spaces for nourishing body, mind and spirit. I am the one who has devoted my life to serving others as a representative of Divine Love and Welcome.

Sacred place welcomes;
Providing space to create:
Self discovery.

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KaleidoSoul Notes
KaleidoSoul Notes

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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK
March 13-15, 2015
Facilitators: Linda Woolfson

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Mirrors & Windows: Using SoulCollage® to Explore Relationships

Westfield, MA
May 2-3, 2015
Facilitators: Brother/Sister Team:
Anne Marie Bennett & John Pacheco, LICSW

This retreat will be helpful for you if:

  • you want to give yourself some calming time and space to get away
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SummerQuest Mythos Journey Retreat

Sonoma, CA
July 7-10, 2015
Facilitator: Cat Caracelo

This all inclusive creative retreat is offered in a lush Sonoma Retreat space nestled in the oaks, surrounded by gardens, water, trees and sacred space where you can travel into the dance of life as you explore the many faces of your creative wild. Seek archetypal energies of your muse and find the language of your soul's path through SoulCollage®, mixed media and assemblage. Find enchantment and delight as you gather your gypsy stories and connect to your mythic self in the Valley of the Moon. Pay in four smaller payments if you like.

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Finding Your Inner Compass with SoulCollage®
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Willard, WI
July 24-26, 2015
Facilitator: Audrey Chowdhury

If you are feeling lost during these times of great transition…This is your chance to stop, reflect, and recover your inner wisdom.This retreat is designed to help you reconnect with your heart's desire. You will have the opportunity to:
  • journey through the realm of the soul through Integrative Breathwork, or musical soul journeying
  • create SoulCollage® cards
  • create mandalas (circle drawings using pastels)
  • share with kindred spirits
  • walk in the beautiful wooded grounds
  • eat delicious, organic, nutritious meals
  • meditate in the exquisite chapel
The Christine Center is such a spiritual place. I immediately felt calm and centered when I arrived….Audrey's skill at facilitating a workshop and making everyone feel inclusive is outstanding. -- Sherida W., participant in 2013

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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

Cascais, Portugal
October 8-11, 2015
Facilitators: Linda Woolfson

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Autumn Transformation: Learning to Let Go

Westfield, MA
October 22-25, 2015
Facilitators: Anne Marie Bennett, Anne Boedecker, Jeanne Marie Merkel

The card making tables will be set up ‘round the clock all three days, so you can make SoulCollage® cards while the optional breakout sessions are going on, in the middle of the night, or in your jammies by the light of the moon if you want!

The focus of this retreat will be on using the process of SoulCollage® to help us let go of anything we are holding onto too tightly. This could be a loved one, a lifetime pattern or way of thinking, old memories that no longer serve us, or even clutter in our homes.

Visit this page for more information. 


SoulCollage® in the Caribbean!

Vieques, Puerto Rico
December 5-12, 2015
Facilitator: Kat Kirby

Spend your mornings making SoulCollage® cards, doing readings, journaling, sharing and deepening your relationship with your deck. Then… spend the afternoons exploring various unspoiled beaches, nature preserves, markets, restaurants, and more. Join Kat on the island of Vieques, off the coast of Puerto Rico, for a week of SoulCollage®. We will stay at a small compound of cottages surrounding a swimming pool, and will have the place to ourselves for a whole week! Please contact me for more information.

Please email Kat Kirby for more information. 
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