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KaleidoSoul Inspiration, Issue #001
September 01, 2005


...and welcome to the almost-first issue of the KaleidoSoul Newsletter!

You are receiving this because you subscribed to it on the KaleidoSoul website. The first "real" issue will be out the week of September 19th.

However, I wanted you to know about a new offer. When someone signs up for the newsletter from now on, they will receive the free e-course
Wisdom for the Journey automatically.

This offer was not available when you signed up for this newsletter, but I would like to make it available to you now.

Look at a sample page of Wisdom for the Journey.

Click here if you would like to receive 21 days of wisdom for your journey absolutely free.

Previews of Coming Attractions!

The September 19 issue will announce a
NAME THIS NEWSLETTER contest! In creating this pre-issue, it has come to my attention that "KaleidoSoul Inspirations" doesn't even fit in the space provided (which is why the "s" is cut off above). So get your thinking caps on and start....THINKing! Great prizes! Stay tuned!

Also, we'll be featuring a column from Australian SoulCollage artist, Karen Mann. Her ideas and insights will get you revved up to make more SoulCollage cards and to go deeper into the process. You can see some of Karen's cards/writings at the KaleidoSoul Yahoo Group. Click on Photos (on the left screen menu) when you get to this page, then click on Karen's folder of images).

Plus, there's more! If you haven't started SoulCollage yet, there will be lots of ideas and information to get you started. Or, you can take a look at the online Introduction to SoulCollage e-workshop now!

We'll be featuring a SoulCollage card from each of the four major suits, along with a short I am the one who... statement.

You can also count on lots of soul-ful ideas, links, activities, quotes, affirmations, and just-plain-juicy stuff that will shine some light onto the scattered pieces of our souls, and bring them together into the beautiful work of art that each of us already is.

I wish you peace and joy on your journey,
today and every day.
Anne Marie

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